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Epic The live watch link is under consideration. Epic; It is a Turkish-made drama and historical fiction television series directed by Emir Khalilzadeh and written by Nehir Erdem and Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz, whose first episode was released on November 23, 2021, signed by Bozdağ Film. Watch the epic live! Watch the 20th episode of ATV Destan live! What will happen in the new episode of epic? The ATV live watch link is in our news…

Akkız’s move corners Ulu Ece. Alpagu Khan asks why the ring Temur wore when he was born came out of Vargı Beg. Has Ulu Ece come to the end of the road? Akkız, who moved to Ulu Ece, followed Kaya with Temur and went to Western Gök Khanate. Will Akkız and Temur be able to make Kaya confess to everything?

Will Mejin get rid of all her opponents in one match?

Mei Jin, who rescued Batuga and sealed it off in a ditch on the orders of his emperor father, so they wouldn’t be blamed for the mountain raid, is safe when Kaya blames them; Ulu Ece and Kaya did the mountain raid. He enters the second phase of his game and sneaks onto Kaya where he holds Batuga. news given. Immediately afterwards, he sends Alpagu Khan there. According to the game he set up, Kaya will kill Batuga, and Alpagu will see that one of his sons killed his other son. Will Mei Jin’s game be a success?

The diabolical plan of Cholpan and Balamir!

Colpan, who was destroyed by the great massacre of his tribe, swears to leave the streets of Gök as empty as Dağ and comes to Gök Orda with Balamir. Their evil plan is one that can end not only Sky Palace but also Gök Khanate, but they find Saltuk ahead of them. Despite his love for Saltuk Çolpan, will he be able to reveal this plan?

Alpagu Khan’s Great Blow

As everyone tries to manipulate Alpagu Khan, Alpagu Khan takes his own big step. How will this decision, which will force everyone to make a very difficult decision, affect the future of the country and the family?

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Temur faces his pain

Akkız asks Alpagu Han to account for his missing oba and Kün Ata, but Alpagu Han is unaware of anything. Will Akkız believe Alpagu Khan? When Akkız comes to save her mother, she cannot find Batuga. They start looking for Batuga and Tutkun and they find Tutkun’s corpse. How will Temur cope with his great pain?

What will be the new moves of Ulu Ece, who is cornered?

Akkız and his friends, who searched the whole forest, still couldn’t reach Batuga. Akkız goes to Gök Saray and asks Alpagu Han for help! What will be the decision of Ulu Ece, cornered because of the alliance of Alpagu Han and Akkız?

Balamir and Cholpan Khan wake up

Balamir and Cholpan Khan, seriously injured by Alpagu Khan, wake up and come to their senses. Balamir, who survived Alpagu Khan’s raid, attempts to make Cholpan a partner in his revenge, but finds Saltuk ahead of him. Which side will Çolpan be on this time?

Surprising offer from Alpagu Han in Akkız!

Caught between khan and father, Alpagu Khan makes a decision and makes an offer to Akkız! What will be Akkiz’s response to this offer which surprised him a lot?

Is Batuga alive or dead?

Akkız struggles to breathe and stand in Batuga’s absence. Batuga, not found despite all the searches of Akkız and Alpagu Khan, who have joined forces, is he alive or dead? Who and why escaped Batuga after the attack?

The epic begins every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. on ATV.

The epic series tells about the epic love between Akkız, the daughter of the mountain, and Gök Tegini Batuga, an orphan of Korkut Khan in Gök Palace, and the wars that took place during this time.

  • Ebru Sahin: Akkiz
  • Edip Tepeli: Batouga
  • Selim Bayraktar as Alpaca Khan
  • Deniz Gunpowder as Ulu Ece
  • Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı: Balamir Beg
  • Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan: Saltouk Beg
  • Ipek Karapinar as Colpan Hatun
  • Burak Tozkoparan as Temur Tegin
  • Elif Dogan: Passionate
  • Burak Berkay Akgul as Kaya Tegin
  • Ahmet Olgun Sünear as Yaman
  • Meral Buzzard: Sirma
  • Ecem Sena Bayir as Gunseli Hatun
  • Esra Sword: Mei Jin
  • Info Aydoğmuş: Kırçiçek
  • Osman Albayrak as Vargi Beg
  • Alper Layout: Danis Ata
  • Sahin Erguney as Kun Ata
  • Meltem Pamirtan: Yibek Woman
  • Evren Erler: Plays
  • Hilal Uysun: Talisman
  • Info Aydoğmuş: Kırçiçek
  • Faruk Aran as Kuzu Beg
  • Muge Duygun: Tilbe
  • Mehmet Sertakan as Tayangu Yalvaç
  • Aysel Yildirim : Cam Wife
  • Seca Naz Karabulut: İlay
  • Berna Uçkaleler: Efil
  • Onur Yenidunya: Evren Alp
  • Doruk Şengezer as Oktem – Diary

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