When will the 3600 additional indicators be released and to whom? What is the additional 3600 indicator? Statement from Minister Bilgin


Last-minute statements regarding the 3,600 additional indicators are closely monitored. The meetings around your 3600 additional indicators continue at full speed. The second meeting of the 3600 Supplementary Indicators Commission, which was attended by the government and Memur-Sen, has come to an end. The third meeting will take place in May. Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, said: “We will complete our final work for 3600 more indicators in May, we present it to our president, it is discussed, discussed, the next step is the Assembly”. makes a statement.


The statement made by Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, in this regard is as follows:

We will complete our final work for 3600 additional indicators in May, present it to our President, it will be discussed and debated, the next step is the Assembly. We will complete it during this year, I can say that whenever we put it into practice according to the work order of the Assembly, it will be out of the Assembly at the end of this year. 4 branches of service are essential, but we will also include certain groups in this perimeter in order to strengthen social justice in certain status groups. The 4 groups are the main ones, they have a status next to them. Lawyers working in the public sector, for example, their indicators are 3000. There are similar groups. 3000 depending on their status, we will give 3600 to teachers. The provincial director of national education is 3600. No, that needs to be changed. We have to change the provincial mufti. If we give 3600 to religious leaders, we have to differentiate with the mufti. We must preserve the sense of justice.


The additional indicator 3600 does not impress employees very much. This is reflected a lot in their retirement positions, it is also reflected in their pensions


Mehmet Ali Akbaşoğlu, Deputy Chairman of the AK Party Group, made important statements regarding minimum wage, contract staff, retirement age and 3600 additional indicators. Akbaşoğlu said: “Assessments will be made and salary increases will be made for civil servants and pensioners on July 1. In this context, the situation of our brothers on minimum wage will also be discussed.

Akbaşoğlu said that a legal work will come out in July in the first half of this year on 3600 additional indicators and said: “We will say goodbye to our brothers from EYT, we will explain what we will do this year”.


At 3,600 additional indicators, the new meeting will be held on May 10.


The hürriyet writer Noyan Doğan wrote the following on the subject; I underline one more point, 3600 additional indicators, an application which concerns civil servants; This does not concern the SSK or the Bağ-Kur. What is an additional indicator? Additional indicator which differs according to the title, the class, the service and the diplomas, in other words the coefficient; a method of calculation applied to the calculation of working wages, pensions and pensions of civil servants. Pensions and bonuses are paid out of this account. The higher the additional indicator, the higher the salary. A civil servant with an indicator of 3600 receives more pensions and pensions than those with 2200 and 3000. For this reason, civil servants want to be appointed to the task with an additional 3600 indicators before retiring. Additional indicators of civil servants who graduated from university, passed the exam and were appointed according to the competency exam can reach up to 3600. Their salaries, retirement benefits and pensions are also increasing. Moreover, the lowest additional indicator of civil servants in these conditions is much higher than that of teachers and police officers.



So who will benefit? This subject is not yet clear, but let me tell you this; When the issue of the additional 3600 indicators was first put on the agenda, police, nurses, teachers, religious leaders would have this right, while health workers with a first cycle were added. It is certain that these segments will benefit from 3600 additional indicators. Of course, all public personnel working with the 2200 and 3000 indicators also wish to benefit from this right. Whether the regulations will cover other segments and what the status of contracted personnel will be will be clarified at the meeting to be held in May.

A question may come to my mind, I get questions from readers along the lines of, ‘Is it so hard to edit, why is the process taking longer?’. The truth is that it is difficult because the statutes are different. When you increase the additional indicator to 3600, some segments will be affected positively, while others will be affected negatively; like lawyers, provincial managers, branch managers. What do you mean? If you increase the indicator of an officer working next to a branch or a provincial director with an indicator from 3600 to 3600, an injustice will occur here. If a development is to be made, a balance must be established between all these indicators and states. As such, it may not be limited to just 3600 additional indicators, but other additional indicators may come to the fore.


Let’s see how the additional indicator will affect salaries. When 3600 additional indicator adjustments will be made, the salaries of not only current employees but also retirees will increase. Another thing that’s going to go up, and that’s tenured officer bonuses. However, the settlement will not affect retiree bonuses. That is to say, the civil servant who has retired and received his bonus will not receive the difference in bonus when the new provision is made, but it will affect his pension upwards.

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