Abdi İbrahim Doubled Domestic Sourcing Volume in 2021 – Economy News

ISTANBUL – As part of its sustainability strategy, which it calls Heal2030, Abdi İbrahim increased the share of local suppliers in the company’s purchasing operations fivefold last year.

According to Abdi İbrahim’s statement, the company has achieved significant results through its “localization of purchase” movement, which gives priority to the domestic manufacturer in purchasing the products and services it needs for its activities in the world. ‘pharmaceutical industry.

The company, which has changed the direction of more than 500 planned overseas orders, with 55 projects completed in 2021 in a total of 5 main groups, including machinery and equipment, spare parts, chemicals, laboratory equipment and consumables, and small appliances and equipment, satisfied its needs with manufacturers in Turkey and multiplied its domestic supply volume by 5.

Abdi İbrahim converted a total of 50 million TL of orders of foreign origin into domestic orders with the projects implemented under the “localization of purchases” movement from 2018 to the end of 2021.

Products and equipment purchased from domestic suppliers are used not only in Turkey, but also in production facilities in Kazakhstan and Algeria, where Abdi İbrahim has a total investment of $110 million. In this way, imports are reduced through purchases from domestic suppliers, and local suppliers are supported to become internationally competitive businesses through new export channels opened by Abdi İbrahim so that they can access international markets. The company continues to contribute to increasing Turkish exports of these goods and services.

We launched a movement of sustainable advantages with the localization of purchases

Nezih Barut, Chairman of the Board of Abdi İbrahim, who gave his views on the matter in the statement, said that they have been aiming to take more advantage of domestic sourcing opportunities in procurement since 2018, and pointed out that they have completed many projects so far and they have doubled the domestic purchase volume by 5 in 2021.

Stating that the “localization in procurement” strategy, which has been implemented as part of the Heal2030 sustainability strategy, is an important movement for sustainable benefits, Barut said:

“With this practice, we support the domestic manufacturer and make an additional contribution to the country’s economy by reducing the current account deficit. On the other hand, through closer distance purchase, we reduce the carbon footprint transport in the supply process, having more control and flexibility in supply processes and increasing the carbon footprint in 2030. We support our goal of being a neutral pharmaceutical company.

Stressing the importance of access to medicines, Barut stressed that they continue their production without interruption by providing substitutes for imported goods and services with domestic alternatives.

We work with our suppliers as project partners

Nezih Barut said that Abdi İbrahim works closely with local suppliers from cost analysis to experience transfer, and recalled that they decided to increase the local sourcing volume before the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), which revealed the importance of their supply chains.

Stating that the global epidemic has revealed the accuracy of these predictions, Barut made the following assessments:

“We work as project partners with our suppliers. Authorized people from several units of our company and our suppliers come together around the same table to discuss projects that can benefit from them, evaluate what we can produce and how we can increase the capacity of our suppliers in terms of sustainability, and we create project plans accordingly. In addition to their current production, we present different products and services to the pharmaceutical industry. We share our views and knowledge on services. We bring together suppliers who produce products and services that support each other, and provide them with an environment to carry out joint projects.”

Noting that by transferring their global experience in many fields to suppliers, they support their business development and reduce operational costs, Barut said that they try to support the development of these companies in international markets. Source: AA

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