First statement by arrested journalist İbrahim Haskoloğlu

Journalist Ibrahim Haskologlu by Istanbul Prosecutor General’s Office “to unlawfully obtain personal information” He was detained at his home in Üsküdar as part of the investigation into the crime. Haskoloğlu made a statement for the first time after his detention.

Haskoloğlu’s lawyer, Emrah Karatay, visited his client for the first time in the prison where he stayed after his detention.

Karatay, Haskoloğlu’s lawyer, spoke to Cumhuriyet and said:

“My client was detained in his house overnight, illegally, as if a search had taken place the night before. His computer, phone and electronic items he used for business were confiscated. He is currently doing under investigation, and we are awaiting a report.”


“This situation is actually reported to state officials. He reports it to several ruling party deputies, including Mustafa Şentop. Ministers, SİBERAY, General Directorate of Security, Directorate of Communications, inform the Ministry of Interior and more recently “After waiting 3 months, my client tweets this. We have evidence to prove it, but we can’t do anything at the moment because the phone and the computer have been confiscated. An expert will be made. We hope that this report will be out in two weeks at the latest.

“He is very upset because the Home Office didn’t pay enough attention to this incident and prosecuted him because they don’t believe he did anything wrong. As his lawyers, we don’t believe there is a crime.” messages, it is seen that the personal information of the MIT undersecretary and the president has been withheld. “We think we are right. First of all, he is doing his best, personally going to Ankara and trying to inform all the authorities.”

“My client, İbrahim Haskoloğlu, is not the first to share this news. A YouTuber also shares this news, and this news is sent to a few mainstream media presenters. However, in terms of my client’s exposure and awareness , the call for tenders is launched. to him.”


“His family is really devastated. Everyone is so upset. His brother and sister… Everyone has tears in their eyes. They don’t want to explain much, but they are waiting for the probationary period. The family is sure that their son is a journalist and not guilty.”


“What my taxpayer said was, ‘Almost every reporter except me knows about this incident, this data was sent to them, but no one took care of it. I did my part as as a citizen and a journalist. I have no great regrets, my only regret is that it is.” I was ready to do everything in my power, with all public institutions. My only request is that this issue does not become political profiteering,” he said.

“We want the issue of leaking people’s data in this country to be investigated, brought to parliament and a motion put forward. Those who leaked the data were on the outside, but my client, who was innocent, was arrested.”

“In the name of free journalism in this country, he must be behind İbrahim Bey. The press is free, it cannot be censored. No one can be imprisoned for reporting.”


“This event is a bigger issue than politics. It’s a national security issue. People have been asking, ‘Why was the president’s photo shared?’ “My client also made a statement about it. He said: ‘I would have shared names like Meral Akşener and Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, I would have shared them. They sent the president to get special attention.'”


The Ministry of Interior filed a complaint against Haskoloğlu, who shared photos and information of AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Hakan Fidan, the head of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT), on his account Twitter.

Thereupon, the Istanbul General Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation against Haskoloğlu for the crime of “illegally obtaining personal information”.

As part of the investigation, Haskoloğlu was arrested for this crime. Istanbul security branch management teams intervened and detained İbrahim Haskoloğlu at his home in Üsküdar in the morning.

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