His signature turned his life into a nightmare! unhappy tenant


The interesting event happened in Mavişehir district of Karşıyaka district in Izmir. Esat Bülbül, who bought a furnished house from a real estate agent in June 2020, also paid a year’s rent upfront. While signing the rental agreement, Bulbul reportedly signed the evacuation delivery report, which included an article stating that she involuntarily took all her belongings and moved out. Bulbul, who had no problem for a year, objected to the situation when the landlord wanted to raise the rent from 2,700 lira to 5,000 lira. Stating that he could pay a rent of 3,100 lira by calculating the CPI rate, Bülbül had a disagreement with the landlord during this period. One day while she was at home, Bulbul was shocked when the guest she was expecting called her and said, “You have moved out”. But as the security gate closed in on him, the unlucky tenant was left outside in his pants and shirt.

Bulbul, who went to the police station and tried to explain the situation, could not even pass the site security when she returned home. Bülbül said she had signed the delivery report without realizing it before moving into the house, and that her 189 belongings were still at home, and she had been fighting for 11 months to prove it .



Describing the event, Bülbül said, “In 2020, I went to a real estate agency and signed all the documents. I signed the eviction letter, the contract and other documents mixed with it. After that, we didn’t come to see me. I had no problem for a year in the house, I paid a year’s rent in advance. When house rents went up after the earthquake, the landlord kept asking me to increase the rent. At that time, I was paying 2,700 lire in rent. I wanted it to be 3 thousand 100 lira increasing by 14% according to the CPI rate. The owner did not like this figure, he asked for 5,000 lira. After that, he officially confiscated my belongings from the house.

My licensed gun, my money, my cooking utensils, my clothes, all my personal belongings were left at home. I was left outside with pants and a shirt. They didn’t bring it back to the site anymore. The point on which they were based was the evacuation delivery report. The owner shows the report to the management and says that I am moving and they must not let me in. However, I had not moved. They say they signed the eviction letter at the realtor, but they signed the eviction ticket. In the document they signed for me a year ago, it says that I bought my things and I have nothing left inside. I had it signed before I even moved into the house,” he said.



Stating that he learned from a friend that he left home in a tragicomic way, Bülbül said: “I was at home the day of the incident. My friend would come. My friend called me and said, ‘You left the house, they won’t let me in’. I immediately walked out and came to management. As I tried to explain to the security guards that I was not leaving the house, the gate closed and I could not enter. I was outside in shirt and pants. I’m shocked. I went to file a complaint, when I came back from the police station, I could no longer enter the house.

The host was probably inside the site at the time. I think he was waiting for me to leave the house. If I wanted to enter the house now, I couldn’t even get through security. All my things are left at home. I want to prove it, but the process is blocked. Since I moved there are a lot of security cameras on the site.

Let them prove that I carry my things. I have witnesses, their statements were taken 5 months later. I kept track that my 189 items were at home. From my paintings to my coins; from my clothes to my computer; from my licensed gun to my passport; I have everything at home, from my camera to my books. What happens if someone commits a crime with my licensed weapon? I gave information, but people are still nervous. I have been with my cousin for 11 months. I had to buy new clothes. I took out the spare keys to my vehicle and asked for a passport again. Even my phone stayed at home. I bought myself a new phone. I have a heart condition but my medical reports are at home. I have hearing loss in my right ear from the stress I’ve been through,” he said.



The owner told a lawyer friend, “I have the things. Let him burn his 2 month bail and drop his complaint. Stating that he said, “Let me give it like this”, Bülbül continued, “It’s not important that I burn the deposit. In the process, I spent more than the cost of I will continue my fight for justice to be done and for such an event not to happen to anyone else.

I want justice. I haven’t been able to touch my things at home for 11 months. I’m ready to prove that I’m not moving and I have business at home, but I don’t have any results yet. I’ve been fighting for the law for 11 months. Let people review all documents when entering into a rental agreement. Don’t sign anything they don’t know about. I thought I signed the eviction letter at the real estate agent, but I guess the word ‘evacuation’ connotes and I signed the eviction report by mistake. However, I did not leave home voluntarily and could not take my things with me. »class=”medianet-inline-adv”>


Esat Bülbül’s lawyer, Levent Kahya, also said: “My client was evicted from the house in June 2021. We directly filed a criminal complaint with the Karşıyaka prosecutor’s office. We’ve had the DA’s office review the crime scene and determine that my client’s belongings are still at the house. We had plenty of evidence that the client’s belongings had been left at home and presented them to the court, but no action was taken over time. During our direct conversation with the prosecutor’s office, we were told that the determination of the evidence should be made by the Karşıyaka trial courts. It was stated that law enforcement officers would not be able to collect evidence. Thereupon, we made the necessary requests to the district court. The magistrate court said they could not collect the evidence themselves. Thus, we were unable to obtain any results from two evidence search files and one prosecution file. The investigation opened resulted in a dismissal and we opposed it. The file for the determination of the continuation of the lease before the civil court of peace continues. It’s our only hope. For 11 months, my client walked out with his jacket. His most valuable items, from his licensed gun to his passport, were left at home. He could not find a home for himself and establish order. She stayed with her family for 11 months. We will make maximum use of the possibilities offered to us by the rule of law. My client also has a heart condition and all of his doctor’s reports are at home. At this time, our priority is to recover the client’s personal belongings.”

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