How faithful are the Batman movie characters to the comics?

Matt Reeves’ goal in this movie is to focus primarily on Batman as a character. The film was more about the deep corruption in Gotham than a one-on-one match between Batman and The Riddler. so the riddler is in the background for some, but that’s the point anyway. The comics and the movie are similar in some ways and different in others…


First of all, there is a more dangerous Batman than the comic. Those who read Batman’s first year should actually know most of the characters from the film. in this comic; We saw that Bruce Wayne made many mistakes trying to be Batman, but in the end he tried to be the protector the city needed. There is a great similarity in this aspect. yet; The movie version of Batman started out as a symbol of revenge and terrorized everyone in Gotham City to keep them in line. He uses fear in the comics, but not to the point that even innocent people are afraid of him. remember, even the man he saved on the subway was scared of him. other than that, Batman is very similar to Year One depictions.

Bruce Wayne

Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is a bit more emo than traditional. Inspired by Kurt Cobain, we even see an electric guitar in the background on a stage. Normally, Bruce Wayne looks a bit more like James Bond.


There is a small difference between the comics and the catwoman in the Batman movie. In the comics, Catwoman is Selina Kyle, a cat thief who ends up falling in love with Batman and is persuaded by Batman to stop being a criminal. In the film, the situation is very different. Catwoman is still a thief, but more of a character targeting Carmine Falcone, who is portrayed as her biological father in the film, rather than that aspect. This made her a vengeful person, which gave Catwoman a standout characteristic that hadn’t been proven in the comics.

In the Batman the Long Halloween comics, Batman goes on to encounter Selina Kyle, known as Catwoman, while investigating the criminal activities of Carmine Falcone. At first, it seems like he just likes stealing money from the crime syndicate. However, in the Batman Dark Victory series, Batman suspects her of being Falcone’s illegitimate daughter, still unable to find enough evidence to conclusively prove it.


Penguin’s appearance in The Batman may be a bummer for those who only know Penguin from the Batman movies and TV series. However, the penguin in the film is an accurate version, quite similar to the character’s appearance in DC comics over the past decade.

Except for small moments, the penguin was sadly far from the comic book top hat look. Penguin, who appears primarily as a club owner like in The Batman, is actually a low-ranking member of Gotham City’s mob chain. remember in one of the deleted scenes from the movie, when he goes to the club to meet selina falcone, the first penguin meets him and gives him some money, but selina doesn’t accept it, then the penguin says ” one day I will be the only ruler of this city”. it’s a very faithful adaptation of the comics and we’ll see more of it in the penguin spin-off which will air on hbo max.


The biggest difference between the batman and the comics is the riddler. In the comics, the riddler has always been a low-level criminal, popular but not a real threat. this movie character was only consistent with his name and how he used riddles at the murder scene. He’s much, much darker, more evil, and more like the serial killer in his zodiac love movies than the riddler in the comics. These films are the inspiration points of the character.

carmine falcon

We watched a comic book-compatible hawk. The character isn’t a very long-lived character, but his introduction in Batman Year One makes him the perfect villain in that movie. Extremely powerful in both. It’s strong on politicians and the police, and it’s very similar to the movie version. the only difference is that catwoman in the comics is not her father.

alfred pennyworth

In the comics, Alfred is almost always depicted as a patient old gentleman and there to help Bruce Wayne both as a confidant and sometimes as a doctor. In The Batman, he’s a little different. Here Alfred got more than his role in the television series Pennyworth, where he is a competent researcher in his own right. It was Alfred who helped solve Riddler’s many puzzles for Batman, and he was as much an ally as a servant.

thomas wayne

It has darker secrets than the comics. Aside from the fact that he was a philanthropist, not much was known about Thomas Wayne before his death. He was a well-known surgeon in the comics and poured out his wealth to help those in need in Gotham City. In The Batman, he was also a doctor and helped save Carmine Falcone’s life at some point when Bruce was a child. In the film, it’s his relationship with Falcone that makes Thomas a much darker figure in the comics.

There was a similar incident in the movie Joker. The joker claimed that Thomas Wayne was his father.

In general, the origin of Batman Year One, The Batman Movie can be accepted. Bruce was a bit of a bum the first year because he was still learning to balance his two personalities. Likewise, James Gordon’s turbulent new life in Gotham and Selina Kyle’s debut as Catwoman were portrayed.

also on social networks “Batman couldn’t save the city he failed how is this batman 80 iq batman” said, but it is not. The Flood story is taken straight from the comics, and there’s even a larger-scale plot in the comics.

After talking to Edward Nashton at Arkham Asylum, Batman begins to suspect there is something about Riddler’s plan that he overlooked. Of course, after taking a closer look at Edward’s apartment with Agent Martinez, he realizes that Riddler has planted bomb-laden cars around Gotham’s breakwaters, but is unable to prevent the city ​​flood. This event was copied directly from Batman Zero Year, but there’s a much larger-scale plot in the comics. Riddler’s followers in The Batman use the flooding and evacuees to Gotham Stadium to attempt to kill Mayor-elect Bella Real; In Year Zero, Riddler uses the Flood as a tool to seize control of Gotham and cut it off from the rest of the country.

bonus: some behind-the-scenes footage from the film

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