İGA will host the global aviation industry


Istanbul IGA Airport, Turkey’s gateway to the world, has been officially authorized to host Routes World in 2023 with the cooperation of the General Directorate of Promotion of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Turkish Airlines. Routes events, where major airports and destinations around the world have faced stiff competition since their first edition in 1995, are considered one of the most prestigious organizations in the international aviation industry. Activity; It provides a meeting center for airlines, airports and destinations to plan and negotiate their future services.

Routes World 2023, which is an important host for Turkish aviation history and promoting Istanbul with Turkey on the international stage, stands out as the first fully equipped Routes World event in the Covid-19 process. This important meeting, which will be held for the 28th time in 2023, is expected to play an important role in the process of reviving the aviation industry. In addition to being a global hub, Istanbul offers the opportunity to become a direct destination and to attract low-cost airlines in particular.



Stating that being chosen as the host of the event is a source of pride for İGA Istanbul Airport and Turkish Aviation, İGA Istanbul Airport CEO Kadri Samsunlu said “We are pleased to host the Routes World 2023 event worthy of the 100th anniversary of the founding of our Republic. As Istanbul İGA Airport, we are strengthening our position as a leader in the aviation industry every day. This road we have traveled in a short time and our pioneering works are gaining the appreciation of respected organizations in the sector. In the second half of 2023, we will reach the number of passengers in 2019, and our next goal is to reach 100 million passengers per year by 2026 at the latest. Routes World is an event that will increase this appreciation and take İGA even higher on its journey to becoming a global brand. Together with Routes World, which brings together thousands of aviation representatives from around the world every year and shares the views of aviation authorities, nearly 4,000 senior executives from the global aviation industry will visit our city in 2023. We look forward to strengthening the position of Istanbul IGA Airport as a global hub and demonstrating this great potential of our country with this important meeting, which will reveal Istanbul’s history, culture, hidden gems and its potential to be the focal point for foreign tourists.



Director General of the Turkey Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), Yalçın Lokmanhekim, said: “There is no doubt that such an important organization will make a positive contribution to the promotion of Istanbul and therefore to Turkey. It will be huge,” he said. Stressing that TGA is making a great effort to promote Turkey abroad, Lokmanhekim said, “Today, Turkey conducts intensive promotional activities in 140 countries around the world through TGA. Again, in 2021, TGA welcomed a total of 3,770 people to Turkey, including members of the foreign press, influencers, opinion leaders and travel agencies. Thanks to online and offline sharing after these invitations, approximately 1.1 billion accesses were made on social networks alone. We promote our country, our destinations and our tourism products in 10 different languages ​​through our digital platform goturkiye.



Routes CEO Steven Small said air travel will play a vital role in the recovery of the global economy from the Covid-19 pandemic, adding: “Increased air connections; It will make significant economic contributions to destinations by promoting trade, tourism, investment, labor supply and market efficiency. Small said: “The current strategy to reach 100 million passengers by 2026 shows that Istanbul IGA Airport is ready to turn the ability to move to a new airport into an advantage. By hosting the Routes World 2023 organization, it will have both the opportunity to show the remarkable development opportunities it can offer foreign airlines and to strengthen the position of Turkish Airlines.

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