Justice Minister Bozdağ answered questions live: (2)

Justice Ministry Bekir Bozdag, in the murder case of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi Saudi ArabiaRegarding the transfer of Saudi Arabia“The transfer to ‘is completely legal,” he said.

Bozdag, A. News He made assessments on the agenda on his live show and answered questions.

Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi Saudi ArabiaAsked about criticism of the transfer of the trial of 26 defendants to Saudi judicial authorities over the murder of .

Emphasizing that Khashoggi’s murder is not something that can be approved and that Turkey is the only country that has adopted the most effective, determined and honorable behavior in this regard, Bozdağ said: “Since 2018, no progress was realized in the trial. Because there are 26 defendants, there are 26 defendants to be tried. He must be brought before the Turkish court, and since they are Saudi citizens, they have not been present in court until today. he said.

“The transfer of the case to Saudi Arabia is completely legal”

Bozdag said that until today, requests for legal aid have not been answered, and continued as follows:

“The suspension of the case and the transfer of the trial to Saudi Arabia are completely legal. Article 24 of Law No. 6706 states: “If the suspect or the accused cannot be brought before the court because ‘he is a citizen of a foreign State or during the investigation and prosecution of offenses which require more than one year of imprisonment, If his defense cannot be obtained by aid, it may be decided to transfer the investigation or prosecution. How can the Minister of Justice say no to this when this law is in force like this and is written so clearly?

Stressing that the course of the case in Turkey will be determined according to the decision that will be taken by Saudi Arabia, Bozdağ said: “There is no question of transferring jurisdiction from Turkey here. The judiciary belongs to the Turkish judiciary in the name of the Turkish Nation. This may not be the time, but I would like to express here that an unfair perception has been created as if Turkey has ceded its jurisdiction. There is no such thing. made his assessment.

“Turkey has an advanced understanding of its legal system”

On the question regarding the Adnan Oktar case, Bozdağ said that it was not correct to express his opinion on an ongoing case.

On the issue of the start of the process of referring Osman Kavala to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) by decision of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, Bozdağ said that Kavala had been released in the case which is the subject of the violation decision against the European Court of Human Rights, but is in detention due to another ongoing trial.

Asked about the independence of the judiciary and the satisfaction of the judiciary, Bozdag said that Turkey has an advanced understanding of the rule of law and its system, that it is trying to fill in the gaps, but that some indicators do not did not fully reflect the reality of Turkey.

“We must attach as much importance to preventive law as to the deterrence of sanctions”

Asked about affirmative action in combating violence, Bozdağ said deterrence from punishment is very important for violence prevention, but punishment only comes into play after the crime has been committed.

Bozdağ stressed that equal importance should be given to deterrence of punishment, to the so-called preventive law, “to the climate, morality and culture in which the acts are committed, and to the creation of an environment which does not allow them to be tolerated” should also be taken into account.

On the issue of prison occupancy rates, Bozdağ said, “We have a high occupancy rate in prisons. Our capacity is around 280,000, but I would like to express that we have a higher occupancy rate to the one right now.” mentioned.

Stating that they have taken serious steps and taken significant steps to reduce this rate, Bozdağ said, “Currently, there are places where the capacity of prisons is full and reasonable, but we can say that the capacity of our prisons is reasonable”. makes the statement.

“We are going to take a step that increases storage penalties”

On whether there will be a new study on storage, Bozdağ shared the relevant articles of the law on the subject and gave the following information:

“Now, normally, these penalties should increase. In our new study, we will take a measure that increases these penalties. We will increase the penalty both for people who drive up prices in the market with false news, for selling goods and services. at higher prices, and for those who deliberately stockpile. They cannot be arrested at this time. There is a ban on arrest for crimes under 2 years, and there is no there’s no such thing as it’s 2 years so that’s why we’re considering taking a step that changes both the upper and lower bounds of that, and after that step, if it’s detected, if it’s proven to be a courthouse, we are considering taking action that changes both the upper and lower limits of this. The necessary legal steps will be taken.

Bozdag, on the issue of the work he aims to do in the new mandate as he is the Minister of Justice for the second time, in this context, issues such as confidence in the judiciary, the evolution of indices satisfaction in the justice system in favor of Turkey, the timely manifestation of justice, the extradition of FETO leader Fetullah Gülen and many terrorists to Turkey, which they would prioritize.


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