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Latest news: The latest news on the minimum wage continues to arrive. With the news that the minimum wage would rise again, statements began to roll in. President Tayyip Erdoğan gave the first signal in mid-January with the statement: “We will reassess the situation of our employees, if necessary, by reviewing inflation and conditions next July.” He has already started looking for an answer to his question.

Speaking of the minimum wage, the vice-president of the AK party group, Cahit Özkan, gave the signal for a new increase. Last week, Cahit Özkan, vice-president of the AK party group, said: We have obtained the highest increase in the minimum wage in history. We were pretty much memorized. CHP does not know the worker’s job. Because of rising costs, our government, our president, could put raising the price of the minimum wage back on the agenda. We will not oppress our citizens to the point of inflation, our honorable president had declared. A second regulation on the minimum wage could be made in the coming months. We are ready to do whatever the interest of our nation demands. It doesn’t occur to the CHP, we do. When the time comes, we will act without saying that it is January. he had spoken.


Afterwards, Presidential Member for Economic Policy and former Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci stressed that the minimum wage should be reviewed and said, “Unfortunately, that is how the inflationary environment is. The calculation is clear. If the increase given at the beginning of the year is less than inflation, the mind and conscience say, let’s fix it, my friend.


AK Party spokesman Ömer Çelik answered the question posed to him about pension bonuses and a second rise in the minimum wage.

Stating that improving the conditions of employees and retirees is always on the agenda, Çelik said:

“Of course, the ministry can determine when such studies take place. This issue is always on our agenda. The position and protection of our retirees and employees is always on our agenda. I am not about to to make an arrangement as you mentioned.When a suitable situation arises, an explanation is made about it, but our employees and our employees are protected.We are always working to improve the current situation for our retirees.


Finally, Labor and Social Security Minister Vedat Bilgin, who gave a statement to Dünya newspaper, said that if extraordinary conditions arise, “the minimum wage increase situation” will be assessed.

Minister Bilgin, “Will the minimum wage be reviewed again? To this question he replied:

“About the minimum wage, first of all, we should say this: the increase in the minimum wage that we have made this year is more than 50%, and it is very important that the minimum wage be excluded from the It is important that the minimum wage is excluded from tax on all income. Those who work with fixed wages, the AGI has been abolished, companies that say they will reduce the salary. It has made a mistake. The labor law clearly forbids going back on the agreed wage. The minimum wage should be discussed in the conditions. If Parliament does not put it on the agenda and change it, it will be determined in December, of course, if there are extraordinary conditions, this will be assessed by examining these conditions, however, the legal situation shows the month of December The new minimum wage The legal date for determining the salary is December.



The Commission for determining the minimum wage, composed of 15 people, 5 representatives of the employee, the employer and the government, determines the minimum wage in accordance with the law.

The Commission meets four times as part of the work to determine the new minimum wage. After the first meeting at the ministry, the Commission holds its last meeting at the ministry after the meetings organized by the employer and the worker.

The commission, chaired by one of the members designated by the ministry, meets with the participation of at least 10 members and decides by majority vote.

In the event of a tie, it is assumed that the party with the president has the majority.

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