Last minute: Prof.Dr. Description of Hagia Sophia by İlber Ortaylı

Teacher. Dr. Description of Hagia Sophia by İlber Ortaylı

The historic Imperial Gate was damaged in the Hagia Sophia Mosque. The General Directorate of Foundations has announced that an investigation has been opened for the destruction of the imperial gate of the Hagia Sophia-i Kebir-i Şerif Mosque.


Speaking to Habertürk TV, historian and writer Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı said: “This is an event that goes beyond the inspector’s investigation. I guess someone was offended because it was called the Emperor’s Gate.”

Ortaylı said: “The cameras in Hagia Sophia are working 24 hours a day, but nothing comes out. I didn’t understand that. Also, the imperial part of the church is entered directly. This door is made of bronze and very heavy. It is not a momentary thing, it is a very difficult thing. It must first be detected and brought to the law. It is a matter of honor. We have conquered this place. We must protect it. The eyes of the world are here. Therefore, we need to detect it as soon as possible. Besides, it’s definitely a network problem. I guess someone was offended because it was called the Emperor’s Gate. It is not possible to understand how people’s minds work. It is based on a very paralyzed system. The place where we can trust is the security forces and they must be brought before the law. There is an intention here, I think it was done because people were disturbed by the por you. I think it should be investigated immediately. It could be a scandal. Heavy punishment. Event. An event that transcends investigative inquiry.”


The head of the Art History Association, Şerif Yaşar, gave a statement to Habertürk TV and said that they would file a criminal complaint regarding the incident. Yaşar said there are no security camera recordings: “The answer for me is that there are no recordings. If there are no security camera recordings security in Hagia Sophia is an even bigger problem. Yaşar also said about an official: “People consider this place sacred, and when they pass by, they consider the door pieces as sacred and the put in their mouth. They throw it away,” he said.


The Directorate General of Foundations of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism also issued a statement regarding the destruction of the Imperial Gate of the Hagia Sophia.

Recalling that the Hagia Sophia Mosque was opened for worship on July 10, 2020, according to DHA information, “Many restoration and revival works of the Hagia Sophia Kebir Mosque, which is also a Kulliye since the day of its opening to worship, have been completed by our ministry and our general management, and its continuity if necessary.” The works, restoration and revival of the Hagia Sophia Kebir Mosque, which is a complex with its tombs, the Sibyan School , Muvakkithanes, are meticulously conducted. Finally, the Hagia Sophia Fatih Madrasa, which was inaugurated by our President, is an example of this.”

It has been noted that the wear and damage on the wooden medallion found on the imperial door of the Hagia Sophia Kebir Mosque is due to the wear of the wood from the usual process and a minor touch. “Two technical inspectors were assigned immediately,” he said. Stating that the mosque and Hagia Sophia Kebir complex are meticulously protected to the highest standard with 154 security cameras, 68 security guards and tourism police, the following was noted:

“There is no security breach in the destruction that occurred. However, you will understand that the number of visitors, which was between 18 and 19,000 when it had museum status, has reached 40 to 45,000 with its conversion into a mosque. World Heritage, UNESCO work, as well as Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han entrusted us with his endowment. Hagia Sophia, one of the largest and most important structures in the architectural history, will be transported to the future as a temple with the same magnificence as it has survived for 1484 years.

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