Pakistani Science and Technology Minister Atif Khan: We want to cooperate with Turkey to bring e-government system to our country

The 3rd Pakistan Technology Summit was held on October 26 in Istanbul with wide attendance. TurkeyStating that the summit held in Turkey is of great significance for enhancing cooperation between the two countries, Pakistani Minister of Science and Technology Atıf Khan answered questions from’s Şevval Balcı.


With dozens of people from all over the world TurkeyNoting that the Pakistan Technology Summit held in Turkey has been very beneficial for Turkish and Pakistani companies, Khan said, TurkeyHe praised the e-government system in Pakistan: “There is no such initiative in Pakistan yet, but we want to create software similar to e-government in two projects. The first is for use in citizenship centers, the second is a project with government services such as e-government. We want to cooperate with Turkey in order to have such a system,” he said.

Pakistani Minister of Science and Technology Atif Khan’s responses to questions posed by are as follows;

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

For the past 8 years, I have held the position of President in the KP (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) region. I continued my duties at the Ministry of Education, Energy and Natural Resources, then at the Ministry of Tourism, Sports, Youth and Archaeology. I am currently working at the Ministry of Information and Technology and Food.

What is your purpose of being in Turkey?

We are here because of the Pakistan Technology Summit. We gathered in Turkey with companies from all over the world, mainly from Pakistan, and a total of 200 people from many parts of the world. I can say that this technology summit is beneficial for Turkish and Pakistani companies. I am here as a speaker.

On what issues can Turkey and Pakistan cooperate?

There are already cooperations between Pakistan and Turkey. We have works in the field of defense industry, because Pakistan and Turkey have very good relations. We trust each other on this point. Of course, we need reliable technology in sensitive areas such as the defense industry. Second, we have huge tourism potential in Pakistan. Tourism in Turkey is on an established order. Many tourists from all countries of the world are here. It is therefore a great opportunity to strengthen tourism relations between the two countries. Third, Turkey has quality food products. We mainly export olives and many foods from Turkey to Pakistan. Like Turkey, we export our food products all over the world. We export the best quality rice, mangoes and oranges in the world to many places. As you export textiles from Turkey, we can also export each other.

What opportunities exist in Pakistan for Turkish investors and what would you recommend to them?

First of all, I have ideas about the computer industry. Because Pakistan is showing very fast and global growth in information technology. In the information technology sector, we have achieved an export volume of up to 47% in one year, by opening up to the world. We offer IT services to Turkey as well as to the world. But I think Turkey has a disadvantage at this stage. Many people in Turkey are not fluent in English. This is not the case in Pakistan. Especially most young people can speak English fluently. Thanks to the agreements we have concluded between Pakistan and Turkey, I think that both countries will gain.

What are your joint projects with Turkey and Turkish investors?

First of all, since I am currently Minister of Information Technology, I see two important projects related to this. First of all, the e-Government application, I consider it to be a very good initiative. There is no such initiative in Pakistan yet, but we want to develop e-government type software through two projects. The first is for use in citizenship centers, the second is a project with government services such as e-government. We want to cooperate with Turkey so that Pakistan can have such a system. Investors coming from Pakistan to Turkey generally invest in the fields of IT, entertainment and tourism. But given our historical and religious affiliation, there are many areas between Pakistan and Turkey that we can focus more on. I think that with joint ventures to be created, contacts between people and companies can be more productive. I think that the initiatives to be taken between Turkey and Pakistan will be very beneficial for both countries. I think the investments to be made will create a new market because Pakistan has a very large population in the world. With a population of 220 million, it can bring many advantages to the new markets to be created. This can create a very productive situation for both countries.

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