Salmonella: the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry imposes an “analysis” obligation on Kinder products

Source, Reuters

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of Food and Control, after the recall of Kinder brand products in some European countries due to the detection of salmonella bacteria, made mandatory the analysis at 100% Salmonella when importing these products until a second instruction in Turkey.

The following information was included in the letter sent to the 44 provincial directorates authorized to import medicinal plants:

“In notifications received from the European Union Rapid Alert Notification in Food and Feed (RASFF) and INFOSAN, our country is informed that there is an outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium in the world, the source of the outbreak is Kinder brand chocolate products, risk products and batch numbers are recalled, it is forwarded to you for the purpose of carrying out official controls with the

In the article, it was stated: “In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic in our country, it was decided to carry out a 100% analysis of salmonella in the import of Kinder brand products without distinction of origin to a second instruction.”

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