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In the incident that took place in Izmit on August 4, 2021, operator of an entertainment venue Birol Kibar visited an entertainment venue where he was in talks to become a partner. Late at night, the argument between Birol Kibar and Ferit Ferdi Barutçu next to him and Muharrem Şahin, Zekeriya Şahin and Bahadır Yüksel turned into a fight. The parties opened fire on each other with pistols. Birol Kibar and Ferdi Ferit Barutçu, who were injured in the incident, were taken to hospital by others present at the scene. Birol Kibar died despite all the efforts of doctors. As Zekeriya Şahin and Bahadır Yüksel, who were injured, tried to get to the hospital by private public bus, they were stopped by the police and detained after their treatment in the hospital. While Muharrem Şahin, Zekeriya Şahin and Bahadır Yüksel, among the 5 suspects taken into custody, were arrested, Gözde K. and Süleyman K. were released under judicial supervision.


The trial regarding the incident has started at Kocaeli 3rd Higher Criminal Court. Detained defendants Zekeriya Şahin, Bahadır Yüksel, Muharrem Şahin, pending defendants Süleyman K. and Gözde K. and the family of Birol Kibar, who lost his life, were present in the courtroom. At the start of the hearing, the court counsel read the indictment to the defendants. While the indictment included reviewing security camera footage, the prosecutor said Birol Kibar went to the defendants’ office after they arrived at the scene, and after they sat together for a while. about 35 minutes he had gone to the office part of the place. In the indictment, it is stated that Birol Kibar, who sent Ferdi Ferit Barutçu from the office section to the table, summoned Zekeriya Şahin. Prosecutor said Birol Kibar shot Bahadır Yüksel in the leg with the gun in his waist after Bahadır Yüksel headbutted Ferdi Ferit Barutçu and then Zekeriya Şahin, who took the gun from Muharrem’s waist Şahin, pointed a clip at Birol Kibar’s leg and chest. He said he fired until it was empty. The prosecutor also said that while Zekeriya Şahin was shooting, Muharrem Şahin tried to push Birol Kibar into the office.


Zekeriya Şahin, who stated that Ferdi Ferit Barutçu, who came to call him the evening of the incident, insisted excessively and did not even allow him to go to the toilet, in his defense, “The so-called Ferdi Ferit Barutçu was waiting for Birol Kibar while he was sitting at the table. Then Ferdi Ferit came to the table. He said that Birol Kibar had called me. I said, “I will come soon.” Birol Kibar without even going to the bathroom.. I entered through a coded door. The door locked again after I entered. Birol Kibar was talking to Murat Kibar on video. So I said “hello” to Murat Kibar. While we were asking, I heard the sound of an argument from outside,” he said.


Zekeriya Şahin, who said his brother Muharrem Şahin came into the room and called him after the discussion, said, “I got up and went to the door. When I got to the door, he There was an argument between Bahadır and Ferdi. The I think the person named Ferdi was drunk. I warned the person named Ferdi to speak properly. However, Bahadır could not stand it, he made a move towards Ferdi. I grabbed Bahadır and pulled him towards me Later the victim insulted us and shot I saw Bahadır being shot and he fell to the ground When Birol Kibar shot like that I I was surprised at what happened. My brother Muharrem was standing on my left side. I took the gun that I knew my brother Muharrem was carrying around his waist and installed it. At the same time, Birol Kibar shot at me. I was shot. After I was shot, I shot Birol Kibar as he was falling. I fell on the right side.” someone else was shooting in the direction Ferdi was fleeing. I shot those people,” he said.


Defendant Muharrem Şahin, who said in his defense that they went to the scene for fun, said: “We decided to come to Izmit when we were in Sapanca on the day of the incident. I I made a reservation. We came to the scene with our girlfriends. I left my car with the valet. We sat at the table. The indictment describes this event as if we planned it. thing, I wouldn’t have valeted the car. I wouldn’t have gone there with my girlfriends. I wouldn’t have made a reservation,” he said.

Muharrem Şahin, describing the moment of the conflict, said: “Zekeriya from the office came out from the front. I stayed behind. During this time, there was a fight between Bahadır, Zekeriya and Ferit Ferdi. There were swear words. Birol took the gun from his waist and fired directly. I don’t remember who he shot first. “The area was already a tight space. We were all drunk. I was shocked to see someone shoot unexpectedly at an unexpected time. At that moment I realized that someone took the gun from my waist. I grabbed the belt, but I couldn’t reach it. In the meantime, he took the gun. When I turned around, Zacharie was shooting as he fell to the ground. once, when I realized that Birol was shooting with a reflex at that moment, I pushed open the door of the office where Birol was. I didn’t see Zekeriya shoot Ferit Ferdi. There were already a lot of gunshots at that time. Who was doing what for fear of life “I couldn’t see it completely. It was also a dark environment,” he said.

“We did not find a taxi, the injured got on the bus”

Saying that they tried to take the injured to the hospital after the shooting stopped, Muharrem Şahin said: “After the shooting stopped, Zekeriya told me that he was injured in the foot. I took Zekeriya’s arm. At that moment, I saw Bahadır on the ground. I said, ‘Help, let Zacharias come out.’ My brother said, ‘I too was shot.’ He said, ‘When were you shot?’ I said. Because I didn’t notice when Bahadır was shot. We all left together. As soon as we got out, I called 112. I looked for a taxi to rescue the injured , but I couldn’t find them. During this time, the girls also came towards us. The girls stopped the bus. The wounded got on the bus. “I stayed there. I surrendered to the police who were coming,” he said.


In his defence, Bahadır Yüksel explained that there had been an argument between him and Ferit Ferdi Barutçu because he had not opened the coded door: “I realized that Ferit Ferdi was insulting me when I was going out. I couldn’t take it and hung up. There was a quarrel between us, Zekeriya Şahin grabbed me and pulled me. He got mad at me saying, “Don’t be rude.” At that time, Birol Kibar said, “I am going to kill you all. How can you hit my brother?” He shot us with the gun in his hand. I wanted to run away. It was then that I was hit. I received a bullet with two fingers under the heart. The bullet came out from behind,” he said.


After the defense of Gözde K. and Süleyman K., who were tried without arrest for allegedly concealing the weapon used in the incident, the witnesses were heard. In his testimony as a witness, the owner of the business, Mesut K., said he left the office part of the restaurant just before the incident occurred, which was not yet official. Around 10:30 p.m. on the day of the incident, I was going to use serum because of my illness. I met Birol Kibar at that time. I said that Muharrem Şahin had made a reservation. I said, ‘I’m not well. I’m sick, you’ll take care of it. ” Birol Kibar said to me: ” I have news. He replied. During the speech, Birol Kibar said, “I will shoot Muharrem Şahin and Zekeriya Şahin in the head tonight”. I sat down. ‘Calm down’ said Murat Kibar. Birol said to Murat Kibar: ‘Zekeriya always says he is your partner. What is it?’ said the words. Murat Kibar said: “You stay calm. There is an exchange between him and me. ‘Call him on me,’ he said. I said to Birol Kibar: ‘Brother, calm down.’ . He stopped me with his hand. He was extremely drunk. I said ‘I can’t handle the argument’ and left the office. ‘I didn’t see what happened. then happened,” he said.


After the defense of the lawyers, the court adjourned the hearing to June 29 in order to hear the other witnesses.

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