There was hope for them in Eskişehir: they are looking for it from all over Turkey!

Lawyer Furkan Emir Öge, who sued SGK on the grounds that he could not afford the necessary medicine for his father who has lung cancer, won . Öge, who received a refund of around 600,000 lira from SGK, said he has won all the deals that have been concluded so far. Öge advised people facing such a situation to take legal action.

Certain imported medicines necessary for the treatment of cancer are not covered by the Social Security Institution (SGK). If a lawsuit is filed against SGK in this regard, the cost of drugs can be obtained with a positive result. Lawyer Furkan Emir Öge, who won a court victory over the matter, advised all patients and their relatives to take legal action in the face of such a situation.

Working as a lawyer in Eskişehir, Atty. Furkan Emir Öge has filed a lawsuit for failing to provide necessary medication for his father, who has lung cancer. Öge, who won the case and received the drug award from SGK, explained the process. Stating that his father Muhammed Öge was diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2019, Öge said, “My father was treated with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and conventional treatment methods. Some helped, some didn’t. In the hospital where we were treated in Istanbul, our professor Okan told us that there is such a treatment and that the treatment can be applied if the genetic tests are deemed appropriate. We accepted it, we wanted to try it. The necessary tests were carried out, our eligibility was low. Frankly, he didn’t tell us we could get results, but we still wanted to give it a try just in case. Then we started it and used it for about 2.5 months. Then there was a report that the treatment was progressing as well as 60% in the first review. Then we continued the treatment, we used it for 1 year and a half to 2 years. After the processing got to a certain part, I wanted to turn to the legal side of the business. The reason I started this process and became interested in this field was with my father.

Stating that the price of drugs varies between 20,000 and 120,000 liras, Öge said, “I speak based on the dollar exchange rate in our time, because the dollar exchange rate is an important factor. These are drugs imported from abroad. When we started, the monthly drug cost was 32,000 lira. Then came a discount, it was reduced to 20,000 lira, when we stopped treatment it was 22,000 lira. The same drug now costs 37,000 lira. In our processing process, a figure of around 700-800,000 lira came out,” he said.

Öge, who was a trainee lawyer at the time and said he started the legal proceedings through a relative lawyer, said: “We quickly filed our case in Eskişehir. SSI Defendant. Then we issued the injunction the same day. The precautionary decision is as follows; In other words, a decision that the treatment will be paid for by the establishment throughout the file. After this decision, we started treatment, our case continued. There was a price of around 170,000 lira that we paid. Then it was a figure of 500-600 thousand lire for us. Then we won our case. The longest trial, frankly, was for my own father, it took two years.

Öge said citizens from all over Turkey contacted him and said, “When you touch someone’s life, different people start learning. When everyone heard from each other, they tried to reach me. Then I reopened my first suitcase for a loved one. After that they tried to reach me from all over Turkey. We opened files for them. Some of these cases took 2 months, took 10, took 3 months, depending on the type of court. We tried to end it quickly. To be honest, we haven’t come across anything negative so far. As a patient parent, I tell all of my clients; the case is won or lost, this process will inevitably come to an end. The important thing is that this treatment is good for the patient. When they say to me: “Mr. Furkan, we are receiving the treatment, our report is good”, I am so happy to have recovered. I hope it will continue like this,” he said.

Stating that they have opened 30 lawsuits on this issue in the past year, Öge said, “There have been 30 lawsuits related to this issue in just one year. The results of all cases concluded so far are positive. If the client paid a price and started treatment and died after the trial, we also ensure that the price he paid goes to the heirs. After the deal is done, SGK pays the price between 7 and 10 days,” he said.

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