Trial begins over engineer who died following collapse of scaffolding in construction of mosque in Gaziantep

In the accident that led to the collapse of the scaffolding during the construction of the Akkent mosque and the death of engineer Korkut Küçükcan, the affair that had been awaited for months began. A lawsuit has been filed in the 9th Heavy Criminal Court of the Gaziantep Regional Court of Justice for negligently causing death and injury. During the first hearing of the case, the president of the court asked the partners of Edacan İnşaat, who did the construction, “How did you do the construction if there is no permit?” question asked.

Regarding the accident that resulted in the death of Korkut Küçükcan, a lawsuit has been filed with the 9th Heavy Criminal Court of the Gaziantep Regional Court of Justice for negligently causing death and injury. The first hearing of the case was attended by plaintiff Zeynep Küçükcan, Süreyya Küçükcan and Kemal Küçükcan.

Eda Can İnşaat Chairman of the Board Ahmet Selim Ener, Derviş Karakuş, Ali Fuat Tonuç, Uğur Çağlar, Metin Dertli and Durdu Bozkurt took over the chairmanship of the accused. Şahinbey Municipality did not participate in the first hearing.

The Gaziantep Bar Association and the Gaziantep branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers were also implicated in the case.


Edacan İnşaat Board Chairman Ahmet Selim Ener, who spoke on behalf of the defence, said: “They contacted us from Şahinbey Municipality for the construction of a mosque with a capacity of 15,000 people. They asked if you would like to do this for your benefit. They introduced themselves, they gave their support. We spent 1.5 million TL. In 2015, we handed it over to the Municipality of Şahinbey. We have not established a protocol when buying and donating.

We said we can spend 1.5 million TL for the municipality. We accepted as a healer. The place where the mosque will be built was considered a park in the zoning plan, it did not have a license. City officials said they would get the license by making zoning changes. We discussed this issue with Aslettin Yıldız, the Zoning Officer. We continued the construction of the mosque until 2015, spent 1.5 million TL and extended it by 25 square meters. We spent 60% of the fixed price for the mosque, and the municipality provided us with concrete and excavation assistance for 40%. It was handed over to the municipality at the end of 2015. After us, the municipality continued the construction of the mosque. We didn’t do any protocol for the mosque.

At the time we were building, there was no law regarding the pier. We delivered the construction and the skeleton intact. I don’t accept the charges, I want my acquittal. mentioned.

Eda Can Construction partner Uğur Çağlar said, “They contacted us saying that they will build a big mosque in 2012. We said the mosque project is very important. They told us that we should continue the construction as long as the financial situation, and that they would continue to the point required. U.S. too. “mentioned.


When defending Çağlar, the presiding judge said, “How did you do if there was no license?” ask the question.

Çağlar, I know that construction cannot be done in a place without a permit. When construction started, there were no permits. At that time, Aslettin Yıldız, the municipality’s zoning director, told us that the licensing issue would be resolved. The municipality laid the foundations itself and entrusted them to us with the project. At that time, there was no requirement for steel scaffolding. We also built wooden scaffolding. In 2015, we entrusted the construction of the mosque to the municipality. We have not established a protocol on this subject. After this date, construction has nothing to do with us. The requirement for steel scaffolding appeared in 2014. A transitional period of 2 years was granted. We entered the construction of the mosque for charity. After spending the promised money, we handed over the construction to the municipality. Durdu Bozkurt was the person who built the scaffolding system during the construction of the mosque. We heard he continued to work with the municipality after we passed it on.

We learned that Derviş Karakuş took over the company after Durdu Bozkurt. They stated that Derviş Karakuş regenerated the skeleton.


Eda Can Construction’s partner, Ali Fuat Tonuç, said in his defense: “Since the construction belongs to the municipality, they had control. There was no separate home inspection company. Our partner Uğur Çağlar followed the construction of the mosque. As the steel scaffolding was not mandatory at that time, we built the wooden skeleton. 8-9th of 2015. We handed over. After we handed it over, they continued to build scaffolding on top of the scaffolding we built, as construction rose on the pier. After this stage, we had nothing more to do with the construction of the mosque. We have not made any protocol with the municipality. Metin Dertli passed away in 2015 and was transferred to Şahinbey Municipality. I know that he is responsible for the mosques built in the villages. But I don’t know whether he is looking at this mosque or not. When the construction was delivered, the construction was 25 meters high. He spoke like


Speaking in court, Korkut’s brother, Süreyya Küçükcan, said: “I am the brother of the victim. He was an active name in the field of occupational safety and building security. I know he made a verbal agreement with the municipality and was commissioned to do a static review of the construction of the mosque. I want all those responsible to be punished and involved.

Süreyya Küçükcan’s lawyer said: “It is a pity that the municipality of Şahinbey, which is in charge, is not in the case. At the current stage, the lack of officials in Şahinbey Municipality has hurt the public conscience. A request has been filed with the Ministry of the Interior. The investigation authorization was accepted, but the Council of State canceled this investigation decision.


Korkut’s wife, Zeynep Küçükcan, criticizes the lack of authorization to investigate and says, “While everything is clear, not allowing an investigation against those responsible has shaken our faith in justice. My wife is an expert in her profession. There are works to be done with the municipality by e-mail. The reason for the pier collapse is the concrete pouring process. During concrete pouring, a slip occurs on the scaffolding and the concrete pouring process is stopped. My wife was a victim, there’s a murder. No permits, no building controls, no job security.

I know he was going to meet the municipality and before that he went to inspect the mosque. Why was the morcellation done while my wife was under the hump? The municipality claimed that my wife did not have a helmet. However, my wife was a person who knew her stuff, and when you look at the camera footage, you can see that she has a helmet on.

When his helmet was found while lying under the rubble, Gaziantep Governor Korkut announced that he was about to be reached. After that, the helmet disappeared. He said it belonged to a worker. I demand to participate in the case in my own name and in the name of my children.

The image of the landslide that occurred on the pier during the hearing was shown to court counsel. In the expert report, it was stated that Korkut Küçükcan was without defect. In the report prepared by TMMOB, the status of the building was revealed.

The plaintiff’s lawyer said, “Reports prepared by METU and Üsküdar University also revealed that the company is owned by the municipality and that the municipality is at fault. Even as witnesses, city officials did not come to the hearing at that time.


The court accepted the request of Zeynep Küçükcan, Süreyya Küçükcan, Kemal Küçükcan to be involved in the case, the request of the Gaziantep branch of the TMMOB Gaziantep branch to be adjourned to the next hearing, the rejection of the request of the Gaziantep Bar Association, participation of defendants who did not participate in the case at the next hearing, notification of other witnesses, Şahinbey A warrant was written in the mayor’s office, and it was decided that the names who have worked as Zoning Director between 2012-2019 will be notified to the party and that they will be heard as witnesses on the day of the hearing, and that the hearing will be held on September 15, at 1:30 p.m.

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