TÜBİTAK Science Olympiad Begins

Through TÜBİTAK Science Olympics, students will have the opportunity to represent our country in the international Olympics abroad while they are still in high school.

If the student succeeds, the teacher will also be rewarded.

Students will be able to apply for the 2022 Science Olympics Stage One Examination, hosted by TÜBİTAK (BİDEB) Scientist Support Programs Presidency, until April 14.

Based on the idea that space studies, which are of great interest in our country, can provide opportunities for qualified information and technologies in the future and that the younger generations can have the necessary equipment in basic sciences of the astronomy and astrophysics; This year, as the eighth branch, astronomy and astrophysics were added to the scope. Young people can also apply in this field.

The advisory teachers who trained the students this year have not been forgotten either. If the student is successful, various awards will be given to the teacher who is specified as the student’s advisor during the application.

Candidacy exams will be held at 81 provincial centers and in Nicosia.

Who can apply?

– Citizens of the Republic of Turkey, citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus or having a blue card as specified in Law No. 5901.

– Pupils of classes 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th and preparatory year in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics, biology, physics, chemistry. (High school students cannot apply to the program.)

– Students in 9th, 10th and 11th grades and preparatory school in the fields of computer science and mathematics.

– Pupils attending 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades in computer science and secondary mathematics.

– Each student can apply for the exam from only one domain. Fields for which students can apply are:

“Mathematics in middle school, computer science in middle school, astronomy and astrophysics, computer science, calculus, physics, chemistry and biology.”

Click for detailed information. (https://bilimolimpiyatlari.tubitak.gov.tr/tr)

The deadline for submission is April 14

Nominations for the National Science Olympiad can be submitted until April 14. The first stage exam will take place on May 21.

They will represent Turkey on the international stage

Students who pass the first stage exam will be invited to the summer school.

Students will take the second stage exam after the summer school. Students who pass these two stages will win a national medal and will have the right to participate in training and examinations organized within the framework of the International Science Olympiad programme. In this process, students will receive high-level, long-term and intensive theoretical and practical training from academics. Moreover, the students selected for the teams will be proud to represent our country on the international stage in the host countries.

Cash prizes will be awarded

Students who pass the second stage exam will receive medals, certificates of achievement and cash awards at the national level by TUBITAK.

Following the team selection reviews, international and regional Science Olympiad teams will be determined. Cash prizes will be awarded to students who participate in the International Science Olympiads and receive diplomas.

Possibility of entering the university without examination or additional coefficient Students who obtain high results in the examination branches of astronomy and astrophysics, computer science, biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics in all Turkey will be able to benefit from the application of an additional coefficient for once in the first university examination which they attend.

High school students who have won gold, silver or bronze medals at the International Science Olympiads will be able to benefit from the right to be placed in the departments concerned without examination or additional coefficient for once in the entrance examination to the university.

Undergraduate Scholarship Support

Depending on the degree obtained, students will also be eligible for the 2205 Undergraduate Scholarship Support and the 2248 Mentoring Support Program.

The program aims to increase the interest of secondary and secondary school students in the fields of basic sciences and computer science and to train future scientists.

Click for application page. (https://ebideb.tubitak.gov.tr/giris.htm)

The only thing young people need to do to show off their talents is to apply through the TÜBİTAK BİDEB application and tracking system.

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