We are a party that puts the youth first.

Doga Şanlıoğlu, Head of Youth Policy of DEVA Party, spoke to Mehmet Türkeri, student at Arel University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism, about his plans for youth and answered Türkeri’s questions.

Here are the highlights of that conversation:

Türkeri: As a deva party, what are your plans for young people?

Sanlioglu: As DEVA Party, we have built a structure in which young people play the main role. In line with this structure, unlike other political parties, we position youth and women’s policies within the framework of the party presidency and address women and youth with a holistic approach that horizontally cuts all policies from the left. We are developing many projects in this direction. Among them, we have a team called DAMLA Volunteers, which we will position in each of our organizations. These teams will be the embodiment of the social responsibility of DEVA Party by carrying out social responsibility activities in the provinces, districts, neighborhoods and villages where they are established. At the same time, they will be in one-to-one communication with young people in their locality and will identify first-hand the problems and the proposed solutions. Basically, we work on various policies and projects where young people can express their problems freely, this expression is satisfied and young people can play an active role in decision-making processes. With the new training modules we have designed, we aim to equip young people with the skills they need according to the needs of the 21st century. By preparing our 90 and 365 day plans, with all our political presidencies, we produce solutions that will solve the problems related to youth and sports and allow us to stay in tune with the times. Our fellow citizens must trust us, we are a political party that prioritizes and follows youth.

Türkeri: What strategy did you develop to get Gen Z votes?

Sanlioglu: First of all, we don’t look at Gen Z as if a new species has been discovered. Generation Z is one of the important determinants of today’s political atmosphere; Their issues, interests and sensitivities are quite different. We’re listening; We determine their problems and the solutions to these problems with them. Contrary to popular belief, Gen Z youth are not apolitical, apolitical youth. A generation that follows developments in all areas, has no connection with any political party, but is interested in politics. At the same time, we are talking about young people who are sensitive to the environment and to human rights and who place these at the center of their values. We are aware of these definitions and the wishes of young people. We work with Gen Z youth while identifying problems and solutions. By participating in the activities of universities and non-governmental organizations, we talk about our party and our policies and we listen to them. In our party, young people are naturally part of the decision-making processes, we have a quota of young people throughout our organization. There are young people among our founders. Again, we have college student friends at GMYK. We identify the problems of Generation Z and offer effective solutions. The DEVA party is a political party that has set itself the motto of being the voice of all young people, and you will see that we will find the solution to the problems of all young people, not just Gen Z.

Türkeri: There are many young people who want to go abroad, what methods do you intend to use to convince these young people?

Sanlioglu: The main reasons why young people want to leave are limited personal rights and freedoms, insufficient employment opportunities and their inability to receive a quality education. Only 300,000 of our 600,000 young people who go abroad every year come back home. Our main objective here is to guarantee human rights and freedoms. We want our young people to know that they won’t go to jail because of a tweet they send and to express their opinions freely. It is very important to provide young people with employment opportunities and jobs where they can live. Here, young entrepreneurs should be supported by the state, financial and legislative provisions should be made for new employment opportunities and new employment areas. At this point, our goal is to destroy the concept of young people at home in our country. We will prevent young people from going abroad and reverse the brain drain by providing quality and up-to-date education with our education policies.

Türkeri: There are millions of young university and university graduates, do you have concrete data to offer employment to these young people?

Sanlioglu: Currently, there are 7 million 940 thousand 133 students enrolled in associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in our country. According to 2020 data from TUIK, the unemployment rate among the young population was 25.0. These results mean that one in four young people in our country is unemployed.

Our most important priority in the area of ​​the economy is to significantly reduce unemployment, especially among young people and women, by achieving high growth and creating jobs and employment opportunities worthy of human dignity and offering a fair wage. In this regard, we have many studies such as incentives and support for entrepreneurship, the creation of new labor pools with new business models. In addition, we will strengthen youth-specific projects, programs and grants on agricultural production, rural tourism and ecological innovation, and enable our young people to benefit more from employment and employment opportunities in rural areas. .

Türkeri: Young people have many social, economic and intellectual problems. Are you really going to be the cure for these problems?

Sanlioglu: Unfortunately, our country has become a country where the economy and social life continue to be a structural problem, there is a qualitative mismatch between labor supply and demand and cultural and artistic activities do not cannot be produced. The group most affected by these problems is our youth. Due to the loss of confidence and stability suffered in recent years, investments have decreased considerably and, as a result, the youth unemployment rate has reached historically high levels. We will guide young people towards new professions with active labor policies by taking measures against technological unemployment. In addition to digital skills, we will develop the transferable skills of our young people, making it easier for them to qualify and adapt to new jobs.

Besides all this, the only way to solve economic problems is to create a free country environment. As in the economy, the development of social life, thoughts and art depends only on being a free country. Ideas, social life and art only come to life on a platform where the people who produce them can think freely and where their stakeholders can be freely reached. We will position the concepts of freedom and polyphony as the most fundamental principle for the solution of all problems.

Türkeri: In recent years, our young people have found themselves at an impasse in our country. There is unemployment, a high cost of living and a youth that is suffering economically. What strategy have you developed to reach these young people and help them realize their dreams again?

Sanlioglu: Youth unemployment, unequal educational opportunities, and economic and political stalemates have undoubtedly caused serious problems for the youth of our country. And it even created a segment we call household youth, who are “neither educated nor employed” today. We will enable young people to discover their potential, support young entrepreneurs and restore young people’s sense of belonging to society through lifelong learning programmes. We will provide social solutions that will integrate marginalized minority groups and young people with disabilities into all areas of society, and enable them to regain their self-confidence and look to the future with hope. We will provide young people with free, fast, affordable, ubiquitous and service-oriented Internet, save them from being crushed by KYK debt, provide educational support programs, expand grant and support programs, and prevent brain drain. We will build a dynamic that will allow all young people to implement their ideas in their own country. We will ensure that universities are student-oriented and ensure that their corrupt structures are once again maintained. As DEVA Party and DEVA Youth, day and night, for a country that will build a Turkey where young people have the right to be represented in local governments, where they can tweet without fear and freely shout their ideas in the streets, and who establish an environment of courage and determination that can entrust the future of the country to the youth of the country without flinching, We will work tirelessly.

Türkeri: When will we see you in the field with young people as Mr. Babacan and as a youth policy officer?

Sanlioglu: To date, we have met approximately 2,000 young people in 34 provinces. We visited youth clubs, local amateur sports teams, associations and organizations. With the participation of Mr. Ali and I, we organized the programs at Söz Youth, and in the days we left behind, we organized a Webinar event as part of the May 19 activities and answered questions from young people . With the completion of our organizations, we will go on the ground in 81 provinces and meet with NGOs, student clubs, universities and youth organizations. We will organize future e-sports tournaments and future ideas marathons. We will establish commissions and organize workshops in many fields, and we will find solutions to the problems of the youth with the youth.

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