“We cannot allow asylum seekers to travel to Syria during Eid”

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu answered journalists’ questions on the agenda of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

“We have a restriction on not allowing the party”

Stating that a study was conducted on asylum seekers, Soylu said:

“These people, of course, will return to their hometowns. More than 490,000 Syrians have come here to return to the areas we have secured there. go to dangerous areas. , a restriction on safe areas for this and upcoming holidays. We have a restriction on not allowing holidays.”

Stressing that Turkey has long been handling the refugee issue with all its resources and with all human values, despite all the abuses from Europe and the world, Soylu said: “These people will of course go home, there is studies on them. mentioned.

“192 thousand people have obtained citizenship”

Regarding Syrians’ citizenship claims, Soylu said, “At the end of 2021, the number of citizenships granted to those who came to Turkey with temporary status is 192,000. Syrian craftsmen, academics, doctors and engineers. you smuggle them overseas, don’t miss them. with those who say: “Why did you make these people citizens with their children and their families? The same people say it. They are no different. mentioned.

“2.5 million illegal immigrants who wanted to enter Turkey were blocked”

Soylu made the following statement about illegal immigrants:

“About 2.5 million illegal immigrants who want to enter Turkey have been stopped. More than 1 million 100,000 asylum seekers, or rather illegal immigrants, have been arrested in Turkey, excluding repeat offenders. We have captured nearly 330,000 illegal immigrants and sent them back to their countries in removal centers here, under international agreements and rules. Nearly 700,000 illegal immigrants crossed from Turkey to Europe in the last 5 years. In any number, I speak of those who pass by sea and by land. Unfortunately, Kılıçdaroğlu presents a provocative style in order to fuel xenophobia in Turkey and at the same time put the refugee issue on the agenda of every election calendar. They also have followers, they all do this together. They don’t leave social democracy to anyone, but they also cause xenophobia.”

“Kılıçdaroğlu tries to acquit FETO”

Regarding Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s complaint regarding Hrant Dink, Soylu said, “Kılıçdaroğlu is trying to acquit FETO by opening the Hrant Dink case.”

“In fact, you bypassed a Kılıçdaroğlu who tried to acquit FETO by opening the Hrant Dink case. A little later, in a few hours, we will assess a lawsuit that reveals how he tried to acquit FETO, with decisions An Explanation There’s already a court ruling that reveals who’s trying to acquit whom and how, he says, thinking we’re all crazy, and says, “There’s a shooter, we don’t know what what is behind. The courts of the Republic of Turkey have revealed very clearly what is behind the case.

“They have ears they don’t hear, they have eyes they don’t see, they have hearts and they don’t understand.” Referring to the verse, Soylu said: “Now we are facing a process that reveals an example of this. Who is behind this work, who directs and directs it, what kind of opinion the Republic of Turkey has on the killers for hire , including the last days, and how he punishes them, On this occasion it should be said once again that those behind the work have been identified, and that they are in the hands of the countries with which Kılıçdaroğlu has a great relationship. he wants what happens, it is a problem. Kılıçdaroğlu should not make fun of our minds, nor the mind of the nation. He should give correct information to our nation on these issues , should not provoke society. He should not provoke our nation.” mentioned.

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