You kiss the hand of the AK party, look how the CHP ministers have sold sovereignty!

The most important item on the agenda last week was the decision to transfer the trial of the Jamal Khashoggi murder case to Saudi Arabia.

“You sold the case” of whoever said…

“How many dollars did you win” to whoever says…

And finally..

What was left unsaid until the words of CHP President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu?

Let me quote the words of Kılıçdaroğlu during the group meeting last week:

“It has been revealed who transferred state sovereignty to Saudi Arabia. You will give your sovereignty, you will say ‘you judge’. Why, there is money involved.”

Let me give you a similar statement from İP President Meral Akşener and pass the facts on to you.

Aksener speaks: “I have a question for Mr. Erdogan, through you: what happened to the Jamal Khashoggi case, Mr. Crisis!”

When looking at events through a single example, “Wow” You can say..

World facts, national facts, especially you “Wow” When you see what those who make you say..

You feel nauseous, you vomit.

What is Turkey’s interest in the killing of Saudi citizen Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate by Saudi citizens?

Only and only that the Saudi consulate, where the murder was committed, is on the territory of Turkey.

That; Turkey collected the evidence of the crime, classified it, prepared the indictment and opened the case.

But the immoral West did not support Turkey regarding the arrest warrants against the defendants.

For 4 years, the case did not last long. Because it is not possible for the case to be concluded without the defendants testifying in court.

Just like Fetullah Gulen. Just like Murat Karayılan.. Although his crimes are very clear.. Just like what happened when the cases against them could not be completed for years and their convictions could not be pronounced because their statements could not be collected.

Let me tell you what would have happened if the case had not been given to Saud:

Hearings will be held for another 21 years, our judges will download the file from the shelf every 4-5 months, “The trial has been opened. We have seen that the accused were abroad and could not be arrested. starting with, “The trial is (…) adjourned” It would linger and stop with the end of the words.

Nevertheless, “I would have liked the case to continue. At each hearing,Interpol’s immorality continues. Interpol did not apprehend the defendants, who had a warrant for their arrest. We would have recalled the immorality of Western states by saying: “Interpol did not proceed with the execution of the arrest warrant”, about the accused who would have been seen in this country, one could say.

“Although the perpetrators of the murder, for which the Saudi Crown Prince is held responsible, will not be handed over to Turkish justice, the Saudi leaders are welcomed by European countries and the United States with a red carpet. What immorality is this? By saying that, you would have given a concrete example by describing the cowardice of the states of the world.


“How many dollars did you sell it for” if you say so.

“Our sovereignty has been transferred” if you say so..

You are a hypocrite…

What you have done in the past will put you on your feet.

In fact, he scammed…

The incident, the details of which are given on our front page today, is an example of the period when the CHP, of which Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu was the leader, was in government, and even when Mehmet Moğultay of the CHP was in headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, which signed the request.

Let me tell the story from the beginning..

On April 5, 1991, when the Fatherland Party was alone in power, a demonstration took place in front of the General Consulate of Iraq in Istanbul, with the participation of Turkmens in particular, with the aim of protesting against the murder of Turkmens and of Kurds in Iraq.

There is a bit of bluster, however.

The kind that can happen in any show.

However, someone inside the Iraqi consulate opened fire with automatic weapons and two Turkish citizens were killed.

What are you waiting for?

“Come on. The man who scanned two of our citizens with a gun will come, we will take him and we will judge him. to be called..

For exactly 20 days, the Turkish police cannot enter the Iraqi consulate.

You guessed it: this international convention. These bilateral relations etc.

For an incident in which two Turks were killed on Turkish soil, 20 days were waited at the entrance to the consulate. As for Cemal Khashoggi, although the murder did not directly concern Turkey, on the 8th day the consulate was entered and searches were carried out.

“This comparison is between the Fatherland Party and the AK Party. What is the relationship with the CHP? you’ll say.

I come here too..

Ayad Faik Taha, who killed two of our fellow citizens, was set on fire at the Iraqi consulate.

What is the punishment?


First 30 years in prison. Then surrender of unfair provocation..

The attaché on the second floor of the consulate building shoots the protester outside the building with an automatic weapon.. He kills two of our fellow citizens.. And during the mandate of the Minister of Justice of the CHP, he benefits from an unfair provocation discount..

Wait, if incompetence is selling sovereignty, the story of selling the king isn’t over.

While the author is serving a reduced sentence, an agreement is in the works with Iraq during the period when Mehmet Mogultay, who is also a member of the CHP, sits at the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice.


Listen to Kemal, listen to him.

Listen, Kemal’s partner, Meral, listen!

If you say the era of sovereignty, the king is there..

The most incredible is here.

The sentence of the murderer who killed two of our citizens with automatic weapons on our land is not completed in the Turkish prison, it is given to Iraq. “Finish the execution in your prison” we say.

There is no fine for Khashoggi. The author is not in prison.. The deceased is not a Turk, the murderer is not a Turk..

Kılıçdaroğlu is effeminate: “What about our sovereignty?

The murderer who killed two Turks during the period when CHP’s Seyfi Oktay and Mehmet Moğultay served in the Ministry of Justice. As he is taken. The penalty is given at a discount (up to 16) from a large bucket. While the murderer is in a Turkish prison, we hand him over to Iraq.

“We give his consent for him to spend the remainder of his sentence in your prison” we say..

Let Kemal Bey now appear before the audience. Let him go to his party group..

“Our sovereignty has been transferred in the Khashoggi case” say.

If he can speak without being ashamed of the example of Ayad Faik Taha that I gave, despite our example of how Seyfi Oktay-Mehmet Moğultay protected and then saved the Iraqi murderer, let him speak.

Ms. Meral too..

If he is to continue on his way without reflecting on the shameful practices to which the CHP alliance to which he has joined could lead him, let him do so.

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