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While the name to replace the chairman of the provincial youth branch of the AK party, Baki Özdemir, who resigned last month, has not yet been clarified, the work of determining the chairman of the seat continues. After the resignation of President Özdemir, first of all, a trend survey was conducted in the provincial administration.


After the theme, 7 names were called in Ankara. These names are Doğan Orak, Member of Körfez City Council and Chairman of District Youth Branch, Ozan Denli, Vice Chairman of Provincial Youth Branch, Çağatay Çağlayan, Head of R&D of Provincial Youth Branch, Safahan Kocaman, Chairman of Derince District Youth Branch, Semih Tayyip Gülcan, Election It. was composed of Yunus Yıldırım, Head of Public Works, and Murat Yılmaz, Head of Darıca District Youth Branch.


About a month ago, seven names were questioned in Ankara, but these meetings did not yield any results. The other day, two names were eliminated and five names (Election Affairs Chairman Yunus Yıldırım and Darıca District Youth Branch Chairman Murat Yılmaz) (Gulf City Council Member and Doğan Orak District Youth Branch Chairman , Vice President of Provincial Youth Branch Ozan Denli, Provincial Youth Branch President of Çağatay Çağlayan Organization, Provincial R&D Officer of Youth Branch Safahan Kocaman, Chairman of Youth Branch of District of Derince Semih Tayyip Gülcan) were summoned to Ankara. However, the negotiations did not yield any results. The administration of the provincial youth sections wants the process, which is expected to be delayed after the Ramadan holiday, to be concluded as soon as possible.


Ozan Denli, vice-president of the provincial youth branch, one of the five people invited to Ankara, said there were disconnects between the young people due to the uncertainty of the process. Denli, the process went to our president. Our president has met some of our friends. However, no final decision was made at the end of this meeting. We have learned that Mr. President said: “Look for another candidate. At our head office, the process continues under my vice-presidency. It was said that in the next few days the candidates would be called again and evaluated. We expected one of the 5 people to be elected, but that did not happen. No word on when it will be announced. I think it will end at the end of Ramadan,” he said.


Expressing that the new president should be determined as soon as possible, Denli said: “The process has taken too long, the scissors have been opened too much. Meanwhile, our friends on the board started having a disconnect. After all, there is an indefinite period. If the process becomes clear, we will at least look to the future. I think it will be clear on the next call. We have been doing our duty for a month, we are not leaving the field empty, but being named a noble and continuing as a deputy is very different. We have no problem with districts. The idleness of the friends of the administration chills them. Headquarters is constantly sifting through invitations. We don’t know if there will be another call or not,” he said.


Stressing that there was no resignation from the provincial administration, Denli said, “Our friends reacted a bit emotionally in the first days when our President Baki left office. It is a place that operates on a voluntary basis. We talked to our friends one by one. We told them to treat the matter as a matter of litigation because we serve our president, not individuals. We said people come and go, and we always know that. Our bond with Baki Özdemir and our friends in management was based on friendship. The presidency has never been played. If he had resigned, 50 people would not have voted in the tendency. If they say restore the administration when the new president arrives, then that administration will be terminated,” he said.


Doğan Orak, Gulf City Council Member and District Youth Branch Chairman, spoke to our newspaper about his invitation to Ankara and said, “After the resignation of our President Baki, seven people were summoned to Ankara. We had an interview with our youth branch president. The necessary assessments have been made. A few days ago, our headquarters called 5 names, including me. Negotiations have taken place at headquarters and the process is continuing. It is not known when the results will be announced. used the sentences.


Responding to questions about his nomination, Orak said: “It’s natural for me to be called up as I’ve been in the organization for 10 years. I started politics as district president and worked as district director, deputy district minister, president of the provincial university organization, provincial administrator, provincial vice president in charge of universities and president of branches district youth. I have been a member of the city council for 3 years. I have been active in politics for 10 years. In our understanding of politics, it has never been our place to aspire to a position. Our headquarters wanted to see me as a candidate, invited me. We also accepted the invitation. Now the decision is at headquarters,” he said.


Safahan Kocaman, Head of Provincial Youth Branches R&D, explained the process from the very beginning and said, “In the first stage, 7 people went together. There were also candidates among our friends deemed worthy of this task by our staff, among those who went to Ankara. Afterwards, we said that our consultations would continue. Then, the other day, 5 friends were again invited to Ankara. We went to talk to the head of the youth branches at headquarters. They said we will announce our decision later. Thanks and we’re back. The process continued like this. We are currently in the waiting phase. Whatever the assessment of our headquarters, we hope that all is good for our organization and our party. It is not known when the result will be announced,” he said.


Derince District Youth Branch Chairman Semih Tayyip Gulcan also conveyed the process and said, “When we first went to Ankara, there were 7 of us applicants. During our last visit, 5 candidates were summoned to Ankara. We met our CEO there. It was said that two candidates would be called by our president. After meeting us, the head of the youth branch of the headquarters met our president. Then, as two candidates, me and Safahan Kocaman, we were told that you were expected by our president. Then we met our president. Other candidates were not allowed to meet our president. We are awaiting the result,” he said.


Briefly explaining the process he started in politics, Gülcan said, “I started politics when I was not old enough. Since 2014, I have been actively working both in the Derince organization and in the provincial administration. I worked as head of the youth antennas of the district of Derince, vice-president of the youth antennas of the district of Derince, then director of the provincial youth antennas and vice-president of the provincial youth antennas. About 3 years ago, I was appointed head of youth antennas in the district of Derince. I don’t know when it will be announced, it’s at the discretion of our headquarters. Our head office will announce it whenever it sees fit.


Çağatay Çağlayan, head of the provincial youth branch organization, made an evaluation of the process and said, “We went to Ankara with our five friends. Two of our friends met our president. It was said that the reassessment process would take a little longer. We can go back to Ankara, there can be a mission from abroad. Our president will make the final decision. The process is likely to be delayed until after the party. Obviously not. Our president can announce our new president earlier. I was called for the second time, it is quite normal to be called. Since I’ve been in an agency, I’m already a natural candidate. With us, the task is entrusted without asking anything. Our party elders saw fit and called us. It’s an honor to be called there. If they call again we will stay there again. We make our case here. “It doesn’t matter if I’m president or not,” he said.

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