Ankara metropolis solves drinking water pressure problem in Turgut Özal district

ANKARA (ANKA) – Ankara The Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (ASKİ) has solved the pressure problem that has occurred in some cooperatives and properties in Turgut Özal district of Yenimahalle district, thanks to the works it has carried out throughout the district. ASKİ teams, which solved the problem by improving drinking water pressure, also avoided water loss by carrying out physical water leak detection (FKS) sweeping and detection studies throughout the district of Turgut Ozal.

The general management of ASKİ has solved the drinking water pressure problem encountered in some estates and cooperatives of Yenimahalle Turgut Özal Mahallesi, thanks to the works it has carried out in the whole district.

The teams, who detected the areas where there were water leaks by scanning the Physical Leakage Water (FKS) in the neighborhood, intervened in the physical losses.


Ankara 2nd Region Water and Canal Operations Department has taken measures to eliminate the pressure problem after complaints received from Yenimahalle Water and Sewerage Management Directorate.

ASKİ teams, which started working to eliminate the long-standing pressure problem of BP Tower Residences, Mesutevler Estate, Dalgıç Sitesi, Hak Yapı Kooperatifi, Öz Barem Sitesi, Yeşil Zümrüt Sitesi, Önder Ata and Metropol Estates, carried out improvement works throughout the neighborhood and solved the media problem.


In order to prevent water loss due to both its effect on the pressure problem and the danger of drought in the world, the 12-person team, which also carried out physical water leakage screening (FKS ) in the neighborhood, also provided for water savings by detecting water leak points.

The officials, who made a statement regarding the work carried out, said: “Following the complaints received by our Regional Management, our teams immediately went to the said district and proceeded to improve the problem of drinking water pressure. . problems that may arise later, extending the work not only to the areas where the complaint was received, but also to the whole district of Turgut Özal.” .


Residents of Turgut Özal Mahallesi thanked ASKİ for solving the water pressure problem that has been going on for years, with the following words:

-Suna Sezer (Head of Turgut Özal district): “We are the second largest neighborhood in Ankara. We have a population of 80,000 people. We have a lot of problems, especially because it is a new residential area. We are finding all kinds of solutions with our regional managers and supervisors of Yenimahalle. We have experienced water shortages due to the fact that the district has grown so much and the number of sites has increased. As a result of the studies carried out over the past few months, these problems have really started to be resolved. but the drinking water pipes will of course be changed because the population is increasing and the water supply is not enough. To all my friends who are continuing the work in progress, our teams who are working on the field, all our working friends Thank you very much. We have never had any problems with ASKİ, I can honestly say that.”

-Huseyin Altuntas: “Thank you very much for the service. You were always behind us. There was no water on our floors before. Our agents have now taken care of our water problem. We had a problem with our running water. There was no pressure. They came and fixed it, thank goodness.”

– Mustafa Sarpkaya: “I live in Önder Ata Sitesi. Our problem lasted about 5 months. The water was cut off around 4-5 p.m., and it didn’t come until 1 a.m. from the building took care of it. A petition has been filed with ASKİ. Our water has been flowing for 3 weeks now. Our problem is solved, we came to thank our manager. 8-10 sites have been victims of this situation .”

-Kemal Karaca: “I live at 2582nd street. We had a problem with irrigation water in our street. We asked ASKİ and our friends came and measured it. They informed us that the canal works would be done as soon as possible. This work has now started. Many thanks to ASKİ. İçme “We had a water pressure problem. We don’t have a problem at the moment. We can use it without a hydrophore very easily.”

-Bulent Yucesoy: “I was the site manager until 4 months ago. We had serious pressure problems for about 2 years. We were managing with water from the tanker truck sent by our metropolitan municipality. We thank the employees of ASKİ area.Our problem of malfunction here due to severe Work in these 15-20 days has been solved.Now our water is flowing in our building from normal ASKİ line.The problem has been solved, I would like to thank everyone who contributed.

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