Declaration of 3600 additional indicators of President Erdogan

President Erdoğan said: “We are determined to finalize the issue of the 3600 additional indicators, which concern an important segment other than healthcare professionals, before the end of the year.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the iftar program where he met with medical professionals.

Addressing the issue of the additional 3600 indicators in his speech, Erdoğan said:

* I would like to express my gratitude to our doctors from all 81 provinces of our country, to our teachers who train the doctors of tomorrow, to our nurses, to each member of the health army, whose total number has reached 1 million 300 thousand.


* Our healthcare professionals have had some really grueling and painful days during the corona virus process that has plagued our last 2 years. We had siblings who couldn’t go home for weeks, couldn’t see their children’s faces, and looked forward to their loved ones on the phone screen. We have lost many scientists, including our respected professors such as Murat Dilmener, Cemil Taşçıoğlu and Feriha Öz.

* I wish mercy to all our brothers whom we have sent to Dar-ul-bekah. Praise be to Allah, we have had the opportunity to reap the rewards of unsanctioned investments in health over the past 20 years. Our 19 municipal hospitals with a total of 25 thousand 298 beds played a very important role in the critical period when human life was at stake.

* These modern installations, which the opposition tries day and night to prevent, have turned into institutions taken as an example in the world. We completed the construction in record time and innovated with two emergency hospitals with 1008 beds each.

* Only during the epidemic period, we ordered the construction of a 16,159-bed health facility. All of our health projects called “waste, what are the needs” have saved the lives of tens of thousands of our fellow citizens in this process.


* We were among the few countries to reach the vaccine first during the epidemic period. At the same time, we have further consolidated our position in the world by developing our own national vaccine. TURKOVAC is a source of healing for millions of people in different corners of the world. We carry out qualified studies in this field with our Turkish Vaccine Institute and Clinical Research Center.

* We are determined to crown with victory our fight against the epidemic, which we have been leading successfully for 2 years. Thanks to the strength of our health system, the effectiveness of the measures and the positive effect of the generalized vaccination campaign, there has been a sharp decrease in deaths, cases and hospitalizations.

* Hopefully, in the coming days, we will share with our nation the decisions taken in accordance with the recommendations of our Scientific Council, which will make a full assessment based on these facts.

* Hospital services in surgery, examination, analysis, imaging, polyclinics are back on track. As the epidemic moves out of our agenda, complaints from our fellow citizens about health services will diminish over time.


* Of course, modern hospitals and devices with the latest technology are important and indispensable. However, as in all areas directly related to people and human life, the essential element is the health workforce.

* Doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, laboratory workers, technicians, cleaning staff and all our health workers are the ones who will make our fellow citizens feel the investments, incentives and support made by our state in health matters.

* Nothing we do, nothing we say will suffice to express our gratitude to you. Work continues on all of our good news, including financial improvements.

* On March 14, we announced 5 good news. Our first piece of good news was the legal regulation on violence against healthcare workers. I hope that the proposal, whose committee phase is over, will come to the general assembly after the holidays and become law at the discretion of our deputies.

* The second gospel was the counsel of professional responsibility. With this regulation, a new mechanism is foreseen which will allow compensation claims against doctors due to their professional activities to be assessed by a council of the Ministry of Health.


* Our third piece of good news was improving the financial rights of health workers. Relevant ministries and institutions are working on the issue which requires preparation. I hope we will share the results with you as soon as possible.

* I would like to emphasize once again that we are determined to finalize the issuance of 3,600 additional indicators, which concern a significant segment other than healthcare professionals, before the end of the year.

* An increase in the salaries of our family doctors. The work of our ministries and institutions in this regard will soon be completed. Thus, our healthcare professionals will be able to lead their lives more serenely this summer.


* It is our primary responsibility to take steps to improve the working environment of our healthcare professionals and to improve their level of well-being, like all other segments of our country. Be sure that we take every issue of our doctors and other medical professionals as our own and make a sincere effort.

* Until today, we have neither adopted ambiguous rhetoric like the opposition, nor been spectators of the suffering of our people. Our goal was to secure the future of all 85 million people. I believe that how far we have come in any other subject does not matter unless we succeed in health, which is at the forefront of basic services.

* I need your support in building a great and powerful Turkey, I trust you the most. When we call the military our medical professionals, who make up nearly a third of all public personnel, we are not talking casually. With the confidence of our healthcare professionals, who are on duty around the clock, all over our country, we embrace other areas of life with all our hands.

* I have no doubt that you, our brothers, will serve our nation with all your heart and soul, just as you did during the epidemic. Thanks again to each of you. I would like to express my gratitude to each of you for the unique services you have rendered to our nation and to humanity.

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