EU recommendation for fresh fruit and vegetables from Rkebat

Given that changes in the prices of agricultural products occupy the agenda of the Competition Council and that certain structural problems have been pointed out in preliminary research and investigations, the need to address the issue within the framework of an analysis sector has imposed itself. In this context, the “Final analysis report of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector” has been prepared.

In the report, it was pointed out that in addition to problems similar to those around the world in the markets for agricultural products, agricultural labor and arable land in Turkey have decreased, market transparency has been low and the producers had funding problems.

In the report, which indicates that the dependence on imports of basic inputs is high, it is indicated that the input markets in the agricultural sector have an oligopolistic appearance and that the producers have very weak possibilities of negotiation. with input suppliers and buyers.

In the report, which points out that agricultural commodity markets are directly affected by factors such as climate, weather and disease due to their structure, and that this results in commodity price volatility, it is indicated that, unlike other supply chain links, it will be difficult to find solutions to production-related issues within the market mechanism, therefore, there is an absolute need for regulation in the sector .

Focus on EU experience

In the report, it is stated that the experience of the European Union (EU) can be used to determine the needs for empowerment of producers in agricultural production, and that the empowerment of farmers on the basis of the EU agricultural reform is carried out by “producer unions and cooperatives”. It was pointed out that this would also lead to an improvement in consumer prices.

Highlighting that another important pillar of EU agricultural reform is regulations on unfair trading practices, the report states that the restructuring of producer unions and agricultural product cooperatives in Turkey, the implementation of policies farmers through these organizations, empowering producers with diverse and regulating unfair trade practices. It was recommended.


In the report, it was stated that the objective of the structural solutions to the problems identified is the realization of an understanding that includes correct agricultural methods and centers “producer organizations” and “production planning”.

Emphasizing that the specific problems of the agricultural sector should not be ignored for the effective implementation of national competition policy, it is important to develop conditions that closely relate to the social and economic rights of the population operating in the agricultural sector. and to ensure a fair, competitive and sustainable market environment for all market participants.

To this end, the report stresses the need to support farmers in order to maintain their economic activities for the existence and sustainability of the agricultural population, and to raise their standard of living, and stresses the need to make agriculture an attractive field of activity. In addition, it was stated that at the first stage of agricultural production, low incomes and prices were detected and that the decrease in the population engaged in agriculture was the result of these problems.


In the report, it was pointed out that another problem related to agricultural production is the low share of farmers in the total value added created due to prices reaching the final consumer.

In the report, it is stated that it is essential to move to a structure in which producers will play a predominant role in the distribution of the added value resulting from agricultural production.

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