Important statements by Minister Bozdağ: The Bursa bombing, the Khashoggi affair, allegations of violence in prison…

Responding to journalists’ questions about the agenda, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said: “Security forces are closely following the perpetrators of the Bursa attack. Significant results have been achieved. The perpetrators will be revealed soon,” he said. Regarding the transfer of the Jamal Khashoggi case to Saudi Arabia, Bozdag said: “The right of the Turkish courts to have the last word has not been abolished.” Bozdağ was also asked about the attack with the EYP next to the TÜGVA building in Istanbul Gaziosmanpaşa this morning. Minister Bozdag answered this question: “The perpetrators will soon be reached. They aim to change the agenda.”


Justice Minister Bozdag answered questions from journalists at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.


Regarding the Bursa attack, Bozdağ said: “The condition of our wounded is good, they will join us shortly. Prison guards work in very difficult conditions. Security forces linked to the author continue to follow closely. From the preliminary data, we see that they have achieved significant results. “We hope the authors will be reached soon. Work is progressing rapidly,” he said.

Stating that the attack was carried out by terrorist organizations, Bozdağ also criticized CHP Chairman Kılıçdaroğlu. Bozdag said: “It would be good if Kılıçdaroğlu made an assessment. There are martyrs, there are wounded. It is clear that it was carried out by terrorist organizations. I wish the main opposition wishes a speedy recovery , we haven’t seen it.”


Referring to the attack on Turkey Youth Foundation (TÜGVA) in Istanbul’s Gaziosmanpaşa district, Bozdağ said: “The attack at TÜGVA is just one day later and it is almost time. We condemn this attack. An investigation has been opened and our security forces in Istanbul are pursuing the investigation in all its dimensions. Authors and authors will be contacted in the near future. All this shows that there is an effort to change the agenda with certain events in Turkey. Terrorist organizations inside and outside Turkey and terrorists will not be allowed to breathe. The opposition says, ‘Who carried out the attack.’ Who is leading the attack? Terrorist organizations lead the attack.


Regarding refugees, Minister Bozdağ said:
“Different assessments are made regarding asylum seekers. Asylum seekers are within the framework of the law. Turkey will maintain the same position in the next period. Turkey is making a great effort. by taking assessments of our people. Despite all this, the Republic of Turkey did the right thing.”



When asked about the Cemal Kaşıkçı case, Bozdağ said, “It is the court decision that makes the case in the Cemal Kaşıkçı case. There is no decision to dismiss the lawsuit here. There is no transfer of jurisdiction, the trial will continue in Saudi Arabia. The defendants could not be prepared, extraditions were requested. There is a file that is actually open at the moment, it will be returned so that the trial can take place. If the defendants cannot be present in court within the framework of the law in Turkey, then he decides to transfer the procedure, the law decides. This decision is legal. It is done for political calculations to influence Turkish public opinion. Everything is clear, it was acted accordingly. They want to draw conclusions against the Popular Alliance.


Bozdag continued:
“It was Turkey that took the clearest position on the Khashoggi case. Is it America or France? While doing all this, the deterioration of relations with Saudi Arabia was taken into consideration “Turkey has done its part. It is clear that Turkey has acted principled on this issue. The trial will continue there. The Turkish court may decide to dismiss the case. The Turkish courts will decide based on the reasoning. This transfer has not deprived the Turkish courts of the right to have the last word. The case is open, only the trial will be stopped.


Stressing that there has been a campaign against prisons for a long time, Minister Bozdag said, “In this campaign, the slanders of torture and ill-treatment in prisons are presented as if they were real. I would like to say it here. once again ; if there are, we pursue all those allegations, we have them reviewed, we review them administratively. If there is anything that requires investigation, a forensic investigation is also conducted. Almost all of the allegations that have been made so far are unfounded. I would like to say to those who are carrying out this smear campaign: continue their treatment of tolerance, I would like to emphasize this once again,” he said.

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