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One of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic has been the food and beverage sector over the past two years. Stating that they are gearing up to emerge from shutdowns and work-related issues by 2022, industry officials will implement their postponed investment plans from this year. National but also international investments are at the top of the restaurant agenda in this regard. It was noted that foreign investment, which will start this year, will continue in the next period, while the number of restaurants that have decided to open overseas has doubled over the past year.


Happy Moon Group Chairman Hüseyin Aymutlu, who said they are preparing to implement their overseas investment plans, which they had to postpone due to the pandemic this year, said, “ We plan to open a restaurant in London in the fall of this year. . Thanks to this investment, we will be the first among restaurant chains in Turkey. We will see that similar investments will continue in the sector in the coming period. Not just overseas; We will have opened 16 branches in total this year. This is growth that we haven’t seen in a year for 20 years”.


Develi is one of the restaurant chains that has put the foreign investment plan on the agenda. Nuri Develi, Board Member of Develi Restaurants, said, “Turkey has made a significant leap forward in the field of gastronomy in recent years. In 2022, we are planning an investment in this direction. We have a rich culinary culture, especially in Arab countries, interest in Turkish cuisine is increasing. Although foreign investment is more effective due to fluctuating exchange rate, it is a source of pride for Turkish restaurants abroad to gradually increase.


Ramazan Bingöl, President of the Association of All Restaurants and Tourism (TÜRES), said: “The number of restaurants that have decided to open abroad during this period has increased by 100% compared to last year and we support this decision. Interest in Turkish cuisine has increased all over the world in recent years. Turkish restaurants are located all over the world, especially in Middle Eastern countries and England. It will be very important for us to obtain the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as the sector develops and important steps are taken in this area. Brand Manager of Kösebaşı Restaurants, Mustafa Ağbulut, said: “Even though economic reasons are a factor in increasing foreign investment by Turkish brands, the representation of Turkish cuisine in other countries is a positive development. . Turkish cuisine is somehow close to the Gulf countries, but it will be much more valuable if these investments continue in other regions than the Arab countries.



Mustafa Kaya, the founder of Doyuyo!, informed that negotiations are continuing for the opening of restaurants in Qatar, London and Dubai this year, and said: “The successful brands that have opened stores in overseas in recent times have had a positive impact on international food and beverage industry projects. It can be said that there is a great interest in Turkish restaurants, especially in the Middle East. The food and beverage industry also prefers the Middle East due to its lower cost of goods and profitability. Barış Tansever, the owner of Sunset, pointed out that investments in the sector are for tourism and said that there is an opportunity for Turkish restaurants abroad.



Big Chefs Founder Gamze Cizreli, who said he sees investment in restaurants overseas as a service export, also said, “As the pandemic subsides, the service sector has started to experience high demand. All materials for our 7 overseas branches are sourced from Turkey. We see overseas as a more general service export. We currently have 76 branches. We will open 12 national and 4 international restaurants. We also plan to finalize our investment in the United States this year.


Çiğköftem Chairman of the Board, Erdoğan Güner, said that it is one of the Turkish brands with the most branches in Europe and said, “We have 120 branches in Germany, England, in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, TRNC and Azerbaijan. By the end of 2022, we aim to open 50 new branches in Europe, mainly in England, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark. Growth in the European market is very important to us, because 80% of our group’s turnover comes from our activities in foreign markets. Our export target in 2022 is 12 million euros. With our products that we manufacture from 90% domestic raw materials, we create an added value of 6 dollars per kilogram of exports for the country’s economy. We aim to have a total of 470 branches in Turkey and abroad by the end of 2022,” he said.

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