Is needle divination real? Is needle reading a sin or magic? How to read the needle horoscope?

Is needle divination real? With needle divination, which has recently appeared on social networks, especially on TikTok, people write 29 letters around a circle and search for answers using letters to those that come to mind. with a needle. Is needle divination real about this type of divination? Is needle reading a sin or magic? How to read the needle horoscope? questions are asked. Here is the information according to the sources of the Encyclopedia of Islam…


Throughout history, human beings have tried to understand and discover the unknowns about themselves and their environment, to learn in advance what the future will bring, and so to dominate their own destiny. Undoubtedly, the sense of curiosity and intrigue against the mysterious and the unknown has a lot to do with it. In a way, giving meaning to every form and giving meaning to every behavior is a feature of human nature. It is known that man uses various methods to discover the unknown and the mysterious. Over time, those who took up this job as a profession met this need for him and they were highly respected in society. These people, who are called soothsayers, magicians, magicians, healers, fortune tellers and guardians, claimed to have a say in matters by coming into contact with invisible beings, or by interpreting the situation and behavior of certain beings and objects in nature, on the basis of their power of mystical intuition. Regardless of the claims of these people, who try to understand and decipher what is considered unknown to normal people, and therefore dominate it, the concepts expressing these professions are often used interchangeably due to the similarity between their fields and their methods. For example, in Western languages, fortune telling, divination and attention are expressed by the word “divination”. However, there are still differences between divination, divination, witchcraft, childcare and magic.

Fortune telling generally consists of making predictions, making interpretations about the present and the future, either by certain tools or by certain methods. Although they have aspects in common with divination and caregiving, divination is essentially different. Because divination and its particular form of baby-sitting are done with the help of jinn or special abilities (look, intuition, etc.). In this respect, the fortune teller is different from the diviner and the guardian. The diviner (shaman) claims that he received special information from invisible beings when he was hungry, passed out and reached ecstasy during asceticism. Guardians are a class of eye-enhanced oracles; explains by looking at fire, water, oil and a few other things. The fortune teller also looks at certain things, performs certain operations, uses special tools and instruments; however, he has no different abilities and no zuhd rules he must obey. The fortune teller derives meanings from certain things with certain techniques, rules and phrases and achieves positive or negative results. Also, while there is a prediction about the present or the future in fortune telling, magic and magic, directing the current situation for better or worse comes to the fore.

Various tools and techniques are used in divination and hence different types of divination emerge. It is possible to enumerate the main types of clairvoyance known and practiced in various cultures at various periods of history as follows: Horoscopy. It is a question of commenting on the destiny of a person taking into account their day of birth, the state of the sky that day, the position of the stars and their effects on man. This type of fortune telling is closely related to astrology, which aims to predict the destiny of man by examining the positions and influences of the stars. Palmistry (palmistry). It is the job of reading the person’s future from the lines in the hand. Bird horoscope (ornithomancy). It is the task of giving information about the future by making sense of the flight patterns and sounds of the birds. Paper fortune teller (cartomancy). It involves interpreting the result obtained by opening and distributing papers with various shapes and symbols using various techniques (such as card games and tarot). Horoscope of internal organs (haruspex, haruspex, extispicine). It is the work of making comments by looking at the internal organs of certain animals (Telling the fortune of the liver. [hepatoscopie]gut horoscope [extaspicy] as). Sand (earth) horoscope (geomancy). It consists of comments made on sand, soil, dust and pebbles, and certain points determined by chance and their shapes. Divination dice (lithomancy). It is a divination made with stones or dice. Clairvoyance book. It is the work of opening the holy books with a certain wish and intention and of interpreting the expressions of the place.

Apart from these, fortune telling, fire fortune telling (pyromancy), water fortune telling (hydromancy), dream interpretation (oneiromancy), fortune telling about bodily forms that would be affected by astrological powers (morphoscopy), fortune telling based on head shape (phrenology), mathematical shape (numerology), lottery There are also types of divination such as divination (spell), tea divination (tasseography), the divination of coffee. Sometimes such techniques are encountered that it is almost impossible to understand that this is some kind of divination. For example, involuntary body movements, sudden pain, jerking, sneezing, etc. give meaning to things, interpret them; Methods such as punishing with poison, boiling water and drawing conclusions accordingly are among them. Some fortune tellers regard a natural occurrence as mysterious and try to decipher it, and in such transactions fortune telling and divination are often confused or confused.


According to religious sources; It is a sin according to Islamic religious provisions to watch or have fortune-telling.

Fortune tellers claim that they see the future and know the unseen by looking at certain shapes and symbols. These claims are not true. Even if a thousandth of what they say coincides with this, it cannot be proof that they know ghayb. Because no one knows the invisible except Allah. According to the rules of our religion, telling fortunes or having them done is haram. Fortune tellers cannot be consulted, even for entertainment. Man can only reason about what Allah has created and communicated, and seeks knowledge. Despite the most intelligent and advanced information, even human knowledge and energy are limited. It is beyond the power of man to prophesy about the future that is not based on scientific data, to give information in this way, to know the unseen (the unseen). Prophecies that are made about the future that are not based on scientific data are all probabilistic information. It can be true or false. Man can establish a causal relationship between divine, natural and human laws, discover certain events and facts, and make new inventions. But this power of discovery, invention, knowledge and recognition is also limited in man. Beyond this border is unknown. This is the “Invisible Kingdom”. Knowledge of the unseen is subject to the knowledge, will and power of the Supreme Creator. Therefore, saying “I know” about something that Allah has not revealed is contrary to the order established by Allah. It is a rebellion against God. invisible news It is a duty not to believe those who say they have given them, but to believe is a sin and forbidden. – Diary

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