It turns out that Ginni Thomas also texted the congressional staff behind the lawsuit in Texas.

If your local magistrate, a sort of misdemeanor judge, has cases under $10,000, the kind of conflict that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas certainly faces, let alone a few cases that judge will be referred to by the Judicial Council and possibly removed from office. . . This judge would have known that it was unacceptable for you to resign, even on a small scale, from a matter involving your spouse, and there was an obvious reason for losing your seat.

The legal community receives well-deserved criticism when it comes to attracting clients and, unfortunately, doing business with clients. However, lawyers and judges work to a much higher level and standard when it comes to conflicts of interest. The conflict standard is when a judge or attorney has a direct conflict of interest or avoids the lawsuits in which they find themselves. There is even a look a conflict of interest.

“Appearance” Zack is there to maintain the legitimacy and credibility of the process. Look at this standard and imagine the judge in your community responding to the Judiciary Committee.

So it came as a surprise to some of us to read that Ginni Thomas was directly involved in Trump’s “cleaning up” of the White House in early 2020 after the Vindman brothers were fired. some of us noticed It is Note that Thomas has no way of meddling with the White House in any political context. There was either a direct conflict of interest (he shares his wife’s view of Trump) or at least the strongest appearance of conflict imaginable.

As you know, the news regarding Mark Meadows has gotten worse. Judge Thomas has yet to comment on the matter; It doesn’t matter to answer or cancel.

We have more news from CNN today that Ginni Thomas was working with the chief of staff of a congressman who sued Mike Pence before SCOTUS. Ginni Thomas was a close friend of Connie Hair, chief of staff to Louis Gohmert, and was in regular contact with Hair. As announced this morning:

On the eve of the 2020 presidential election, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas and her friend Connie Hair, chief of staff for GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, donned a Trump baseball cap in front of the camera at an event in support of the then president. At the time Facebook was published.

A month later, Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, referenced and claimed in her now infamous text on Hair to Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows. Election fraud that Meadows called to tackle the election result…

Combined with overt public support for Trump after Trump worked with the White House, and a close personal friendship with one of the lawmakers who would later protest the Electoral College vote and sue Mike Pence, another significant conflict arose, and the case of Thomas Gohmert. heard (which was a joke, but of course that’s not the point). Consider your judge.

Of course, Thomas and Hair had a say in the choice. But at the same time Hair was lead counsel for a congressman who filed or signed an election lawsuit that ended in Thomas’ court. And Hair himself posted a message on Facebook about the need to fight for the elections in court.

And as an example of Hair’s candid work in an attempt to steal the selection:

“I was on the phone with the Trump campaign manager and his attorneys for a briefing this morning. WE SEE THIS UNTIL THE END OF THE COURT/COMPANY FIGHT,” Hair posted on Nov. 7, four days after the election. And on November 21, Hair wrote: “A large amount of voter fraud in major cities in disputed states.”

These are friends of Ginni Thomas, people who have held other government positions, and this conflict, Ginni, is shifting to another branch of government, Congress. Unless he wants to believe that Thomas has the weirdest marriage in the world, he has a direct conflict of interest. It should also be noted that while Ginni was working with the White House on the Great Purge, she often spoke and chatted with Trump. at least that Watch not just a confrontation, but a way to communicate back and forth with the court. It’s how Trump learns about the consequences of upcoming lawsuits, and vice versa.

In a mature democracy, Judge Thomas would be forced to resign or face a clear charge. But we are not a mature democracy, and Thomas knows that nothing prevents him from continuing to hear cases in which he is in clear contradiction. Strange, but the greatest “hope” we have is that Ginni Thomas is committing a crime with her enthusiastic and contradictory actions to organize the January 6th rally. However, there is a certain sympathizer of the MAGA rebellion who will be prosecuted in any case that may affect the rebellion in the future. But unlike your local judge, there’s almost nothing you can do about it.

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