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Yenal Gökyıldırım, COO of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group and CEO of MediaMarkt Turkey, said, “As MediaMarkt Turkey, we have grown faster than the market and our competitors. Since our 2022 fiscal year, the Turkish consumer electronics market, in which we are located, has grown by 40%, while we have grown more than the market and our competitors. Thanks to this successful performance, we have become the country with the highest growth performance not only in our own market, but also in the MediaMarkt world. We have achieved this with our consumers, our employees and our business partners. We sincerely thank everyone who prefers MediaMarkt.

MediaMarkt, the tech retailer with the largest store area in Turkey, ended 2021 with record growth across all categories. Growing faster than the market and its competitors, the brand has become the country with the strongest growth performance within the MediaMarkt group.

We did it together

Yenal Gökyıldırım, COO of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group and CEO of MediaMarkt Turkey, said, “As the consumer electronics market grew by 40%, we achieved growth that exceeded both the market and our competitors. We have achieved this with our employees, our suppliers and our consumers. We would like to thank everyone who preferred MediaMarkt and made us feel this pride.

We are continuing our investments at full speed, we are contributing to employment

Expressing that they will increase their share and sales in online and physical markets and continue their investments without slowing down in 2022, Gökyıldırım said: “We will do this thanks to our expertise, the strength of our brand, our consumer and our multi-channel strategy.” Gökyıldırım pointed out that they tend to meet all customer needs, especially in online shopping where demand has skyrocketed during the pandemic, and they have not given up on investments in physical stores and focused on the online channel. Gökyıldırım said: “We do not believe that our consumers will give up their shopping habits by experiencing the product. Therefore, in addition to our investments in line, we never stop our store investments. We will continue to open new stores and renew our existing stores. We aim to reach 100 stores to tal by the end of 2023. With all this growth, we will create employment opportunities for another 500 people until 2023 within MediaMarkt. In this way, we are happy to make a serious contribution to the employment of young people in our country.

Our store at Zorlu AVM will be our new experience store

Drawing attention to the importance of experience stores, especially in tech shopping, Gökyıldırım outlined his vision on this topic at the 88th store he opened at Zorlu AVM. Gökyıldırım continued: “Our stores are the places where we bring our expertise to our consumers, where we showcase our variety of products and where we connect with our consumers through our pre-sales, during and after-sales services. As MediaMarkt, we work hard to provide the technology that enters all aspects of our lives to our consumers by providing the best experience across all our channels, to provide the best service to our customers and to respond to the product they want. need in the fastest way possible. With our “Making a Difference in Service” model, we always put people first. We will make a difference in retail with our “expert” human resources who use technology well and continue to contribute to the sector with our skilled workforce.

Yenal Gökyıldırım is now responsible for 12 countries

Yenal Gökyıldırım said he took responsibility for 12 countries in total with 3 new countries added this year: “I was responsible for Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal and Turkey. Switzerland, Austria and Hungary were added to the countries I managed in 2021. These 12 managed countries represent a total size of more than 10 billion euros and more than 30,000 jobs. Within our group, Turkey is one of the top three markets with consistently high customer demand and increasing sales, both in-store and online. This was also the case last year. We have no doubt that we will be one of the brightest in the group with a similar performance this year,” he said.

3 out of 4 customers use multiple channels

Emphasizing that they will continue to invest in the online channel, whose importance has once again been understood in the pandemic, Gökyıldırım said, “Thanks to e-commerce and our multi-channel structure, where all channels are connected to each other with uninterrupted quality of experience, we get serious data on consumer buying behaviors. For example, the rate of purchases in stores has only decreased by 20% during the pandemic. share, the rate of purchases through multiple channels increased by 200%, while the rate of those who purchased online only increased by 308%.Today, 3 out of 4 customers use more than one channel during their buying journey. 73% of the commerce that passes through our online channels comes from omnichannel. There are many different channels and possibilities, such as buying online and receiving in store, ordering in-store and ship to your home online, or purchase from from the call center. We have seen the greatest movement in the multi-channel segment of our customer segment, which goes to online purchases and in-store pickup. Likewise, we continued to grow both in-store and online. Since the beginning of our fiscal year, our total sales have increased by 61% and our digital sales by 47%. »

We welcomed a total of 228 million visitors to our online and offline channels.

Stating that they have achieved significant success with their online and offline stores and reached a total number of 228 million visitors, Gökyıldırım said, “We will continue our opportunities designed around the needs of our consumers and we will design our campaigns in line with this trend. We will be at each point requested by the consumer. We will continue to be the most loved consumer electronics brand through our expert and trusted brand discourse.

Sustainability is one of our main goals

Yenal Gökyıldırım said that as Europe’s number one electronics retailer, by far, sustainability is one of its main objectives: “We are aware of our responsibilities towards society and the environment. With MediaMarkt, we pursue our sustainability strategy, which we call ‘better’, under two main headings: environmental sustainability and creating a sustainable business model.

Emphasizing that they will drastically reduce their carbon footprint by using electricity obtained from renewable energy all over MediaMarkt, starting from 2023, as part of the decision taken by Ceconomy, their umbrella company on environmental sustainability, Gökyıldırım said they will reduce their packaging waste to a large extent and they will be involved in the circular economy with more and more products. employees and to transform diversity into culture. In the light of this vision, with the project History of Women, History of Tomorrow, which we have set up; Our Sales Team Leader rate increased from 20% to 29%, our Customer Experience Manager rate increased from 13 to 33% and our recruitment rate in Sales departments increased from 29% to 36%. Today, the percentage of women in the CVs sent to us is higher than that of men. In general, we are above the Turkish average in terms of female employment. Our target for the number of women employed this year is 40% and we plan to increase this rate to 50% in the next 4 years. This work concerns both our General Management and all our stores across the country. Therefore, as MediaMarkt, we welcome applications for all our open positions, regardless of position difference.

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