Payment of TL 89 billion in four years in holiday bonus

In 2018, bonuses were granted to pensioners who receive pensions from the Social Security Institution (SGK) during religious holidays. During the festivals of Ramadan and Sacrifice for the first three years, 2018-2019, a bounty of 1000 TL was paid each. Last year, the premium was increased by 10% to 1100 lira.

Due to inflation reaching 36.1% in 2021, it is expected that there will be an increase in the holiday bonus again this year. AK party officials were among those who expressed expectation of a raise. However, Labor and Social Security Minister Vedat Bilgin ended talks about increasing the statement he had made the day before. Bilgin announced that the holiday bonus will be paid on April 28 and 29, with no increase. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said yesterday: “Everything the Minister of Labor said is true”.


A total of 89 billion 109 million lire was paid out, 20 billion 879 million lire in 2018, 21 billion 542 million lire in 2019, 22 billion lire in 2020 and 24 billion 688 million lire in 2021 in the form of bonuses holidays for retirees. Last year, 12 million 671,000 during Eid al-Fitr and 12 million 719,000 during Eid al-Adha received bonuses to those who received a widow’s/orphan’s pension or pension.


According to the law, holiday bonuses are paid to people who receive a retirement pension, an old-age pension, a service invalidity pension, an invalidity pension, a death pension (widower-orphan’s pension), a permanent disability pension and an SSI death pension during the month of the vacancy. Relatives of martyrs, war veterans, war veterans, security guards, champion athletes, civilian citizens who have been harmed by terrorism and their dependents also receive vacation bonuses.

Eid al-Fitr begins on May 2. Those still receiving pensions will be paid on May 28 and 29. Since the pension of those who have not yet retired and applied for retirement until April 30, 2022 will be valid from May 1, those who apply until the end of this month will also receive their vacation bonuses with their first salary.

THOSE RECEIVING WIDOW AND ORPHAN PENSIONS will be paid pro rata to their shares.

The Eid bonus is paid to those who receive a widow-orphan’s pension due to their deceased spouse or parents, in proportion to their shares. 550 lire to the spouse whose widow’s pension is 50% of the deceased spouse’s pension; A bonus of 275 lire will be paid to his daughter, 25% of which is tied. Those who do not work in any job and do not receive any income or pension due to their own insurance will receive a bonus of TL 825, as they receive 75% of their spouse’s salary.

The holiday bonus is paid to those who receive permanent incapacity income due to an accident at work and occupational disease, in proportion to the degree of permanent incapacity for work, which is the basis of the income. Those with a 25% loss of earning capacity in the profession will receive a bonus of 275 lira, and those with 45% will receive a bonus of 495 lira.

Retirees and beneficiaries who receive income and pension from more than one SGK record will receive bonuses based on which record they are entitled to pay the most. For example, those who receive both a pension due to their own work and a widowhood pension due to their spouse will receive a bonus of only 1100 TL. A bonus of TL 1100 will be paid to those who receive permanent disability income in addition to the pension. A woman who receives 75% of the widow’s pension due to her husband and 25% of the orphan’s pension due to her father will receive a bonus of 825 lire.

In the event of the death of pensioners or recipients before the leave, the beneficiaries will be able to collect the holiday bonus, which cannot be paid when it is deserved.


Vacation bonuses for those receiving pensions from private funds belonging to banks and insurance companies are applied differently. The law regulates the payment of bonuses only to those who receive a monthly salary from SGK. Bonus payments made by SGK are covered by the Treasury. The number of monthly recipients of private ballot boxes reached 96,000 people.

Some of the ballot boxes have been paying holiday bonuses from their own resources since the start. Some of them had to pay previous years’ bonuses with interest due to the results of the ballot box lawsuits. However, there are still private fund retirees who cannot receive bonuses.

The demands of the ballot boxes for the payment of the holiday bonus from the Public Treasury were also not met. Premiums for pensioners from private funds must also be financed by the Treasury.

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