President Gürkan made inquiries in the field of sewage treatment plant

MALATYA (Bulletins) – President Gürkan, who was briefed on the overhaul work carried out at the facility by MASKİ General Manager Mehmet Mert, said, “We will do better work by joining hands in the ‘unity and solidarity’.

Malatya metropolitan mayor Selahattin Gurkan, visited the wastewater treatment plants as part of the technical study visits. At the meeting held at the establishment; MASKİ General Manager Mehmet Mert, Malatya Forest Operations Manager Osman Kayalar, MASKİ Deputy General Managers, Department Heads, Branch Managers and staff were present.

Waste providing information on the operation of the installation This Environmental engineer Veysel Bozkır, one of the staff at the sewage treatment plant, said, “We treat our incoming sewage in our facility. Our Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Selahattin GurkanWith the support of , we have begun work on the complete development of our establishment. We continue our maintenance and repair work on a regular basis,” he said.

Waste for 5 years This Environmental engineer Semih Baydoğan, who said he worked at the treatment facility, said: “With the support of our president, Waste Waste This We have launched a comprehensive environmental planning study at the treatment plant. We treat 150,000 cubic meters of water per day in our treatment facility. By carrying out our regular measurements, we discharge towards our Karakaya dam in a cleaner way. “We are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” he said.

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Selahattin GurkanMurat Nalçacı, Head of Sewage Treatment Department, said, “Our sewage treatment plant is one of the largest facilities in Malatya that operates day and night. With the arrival of spring, we are carrying out our renovations and repairs while the landscaping work continues. “Selahattin Gürkan is really supporting us. They visited us to see the renovations, maintenance and repairs that we carried out in our facilities. He has instructions not to mix sewage with our rivers. We continue to work in accordance with this vision. ,” he said.


Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Selahattin Gürkan, which said it carried out inspections to see the work done in the sewage treatment plant, said it implemented SPP projects to avoid rising electricity costs. Noting that the GES project, which had a generation capacity of 1 megawatt, has been completed and started production, President Gürkan said that studies have been launched for a second SPP facility to be built in the water treatment area. worn out.

President Gürkan said: “We visited to see and examine the work in progress in our treatment plant. Our new head of department and our young engineering friends are working in harmony and with enthusiasm. I am particularly happy about it. I commend our staff members. The excitement is reflected in our treatment plant and is feverish. A job has started. We purify our water and send it to the dam. We built a 1 MW facility to cover part of our electricity expenses. We had a site of 60 decares for a 6 MW installation. Work has started. When this location became operational, our processing facility generated its own electricity from its own sources. “During my previous visit, we said that the existing area needed to be developed. studies, a cost of around 1.5 million liras was incurred. Our friends who work here said that this place would be built with their own resources in the future Malatya Forest Management Manager Osman Kay Very nice work has come out with the support of alar brain They have worked in unity and solidarity They have shown a very good example of management I would like to thank our General Manager of MASKİ, Head of Wastewater Treatment Department and all our staff, together we will do better things,” he said.

After the meeting, Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan and the accompanying delegation planted saplings in the area where the landscaping was carried out.

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