Terrorist attack on the service vehicle carrying prison guards in Bursa

There was an explosion while passing the 16 plate bus GJ 868 carrying prison guards going to Bursa Type E Closed and Open Penitentiary Institution on Mudanya Yolu Sanayi Street, Yeni Karaman Mahallesi locality.

After the incident near the petrol station, numerous teams from the police, fire brigade, provincial disaster and emergency management (AFAD) and teams from the 112 emergency service were dispatched to the area.

Cengiz Yiğit, 36, one of the prison guards on the bus, was martyred. Those injured in the attack were treated in public hospitals in Bursa City, Çekirge and Gemlik.

Five of the injured were released after treatment. Treatment of two injured, one at Çekirge State Hospital and the other at Bursa City Hospital, continues.

A Turkish flag was hung by his neighbors in the building where his home is at Dr. Ziya Kaya Mahallesi, Peker Sokak, in the Gemlik neighborhood of Yiğit, who is married with three children.

Ministers Bozdağ and Soylu examined the area where the explosion occurred.

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag and Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu carried out investigations in the region after the explosion in which a prison guard was martyred.

Ministers Bozdağ and Soylu went to Mudanya Yolu Sanayi Caddesi, where the explosion took place as the shuttle carrying the prison guards passed.

Bozdağ and Soylu, who received briefings from Governor Yakup Canbolat, Provincial Police Chief Tacettin Aslan and Attorney General Gökhan Şen on ongoing crime scene investigations in and around the vehicle, expressed their wishes to “get well soon” to traders whose workplaces have been damaged.

Soylu: The perpetrators will soon be captured

Bozdağ and Soylu then visited the prison guards injured in the blast at Bursa City Hospital, where their treatment continued.

Soylu, in a statement to reporters after the visit, said, “Necessary studies are being carried out regarding the perpetrators of the terrorist act. The perpetrators will soon be captured, that is our hope.” mentioned.

“They will be caught as soon as possible”

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said: “No matter where they go, they will be arrested by our security forces and brought to justice as soon as possible. I sincerely believe that this incident will also be cleared up shortly. mentioned.

The explosive was found to be trapped at the bottom of the lamp post.

Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, who visited the scene and received information from the teams, made statements to reporters.

Governor Canbolat shared the following information:

“Unfortunately, one of our prison officers died as a martyr following the explosion of an explosive, which was considered an improvised explosive and could have been managed with a remote control. We have one seriously injured, three slightly We also sent our other friends from the bus to the hospital as a precaution, to see their general state of health. They planned to come to Bursa.”

Canbolat said it was determined that the explosive had been placed at the base of the electricity pole.

Explaining that two of the injured have been released, Canbolat said the other prison guards, who were taken to hospital as a precaution, are in good health.

Considered a terrorist attack

Stating that the explosion was assessed as a terrorist attack, Canbolat said, “All our security units are working. I hope we will try to solve the incident as soon as possible and catch the perpetrators.” mentioned.

Canbolat said there were around 30 people in the service vehicle.

Stating that windows were smashed in some of the surrounding buildings, Canbolat said: “We are also assessing their damage. We will quickly eliminate the grievances of our citizens. It had no effect on the civilians. he said.

Governor Canbolat asked a reporter, “Is there any information about the terrorist organization that carried out the attack? to the question “We don’t have clear information at the moment, we will explain it to you when it becomes available.” gave the answer.

Münür Şenay, who has a workplace about 100 meters from the scene, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he heard a loud explosion.

Stating that the furniture in the office was shaking, Şenay said: “I thought there was an earthquake. I saw it when I looked out the window. Then ambulances and teams arrived. ” used the expression.

The teams are continuing their investigations on the site and its surroundings as well as on the bus where the explosion occurred.

Footage of the explosion has emerged

On the Bursa-Mudanya road, the moment of the explosion experienced during the passage of the prison warden’s service was reflected on a security camera in the area. In the recording of the moments when the handmade separator, placed at the bottom of a lamp post, exploded, it was seen that there were citizens walking on the sidewalk and vehicles parked on the side of the road.

A ceremony was held for the prison warden of the martyr

A ceremony was held in the garden of the Bursa courthouse for prison guard Cengiz Yiğit (36) who was martyred in the terrorist attack on the shuttle carrying the prison guards.

Martyr Cengiz Yiğit’s family and relatives, along with Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Attorney General Gökhan Şen, Vice -Ministers, some MPs, courthouse and prison staff and citizens attended the ceremony.

After Bursa Mufti Yavuz Selim Karabayır’s prayer, the martyr’s coffin wrapped in the Turkish flag was sent overland to Yenişehir airport.

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