The importance of digitization and the use of cloud technology for SMEs


DIA software / General director

The digital transformation, which is proceeding rapidly in the business world, offers many opportunities for innovation to all sectors. Together, we are seeing products, services and customer experiences being rebuilt for many industries, from retail to pharmacy, from banking to tourism businesses. Businesses today need to understand that they need to use digital channels to stay connected with their stakeholders.

In the World Economic Forum’s latest digital transformation report, “In the digital age to succeed (of companies) digital businesses they must become”.

Very well, SME for Why is digital transformation important?

Technology develops and changes rapidly. Every SME must keep pace with this developing and changing business world. Processes or strategies that worked before are likely to be useless today.

If SMEs want to survive in the new digitized business world, they need to digitize their processes, platforms, customer experiences, products and marketing strategies. Scenarios where one of them fails to keep up with digital transformation have become detrimental to SMEs.

Customer expectations it is increasing day by day and every company is working hard to keep up with it. Today, it’s easier than ever for SMBs to act on customer expectations.

That’s why all businesses need to go the extra mile to retain their customers. This will only be possible if companies take a step towards digital transformation in order to meet customer expectations.

From a small company five years ago, today there are companies vying for leadership in their field. Businesses that move quickly into digital transformation can easily outpace their competitors. an SME, rivalry If he wants to retain his power, he must start digitizing today.

Another issue that highlights the importance of digitizing SMEs is the ability to make better decisions faster. Especially with the Internet of Things, collecting data is easier than ever.

By turning this data into meaningful insights with the right mix of analytical tools, better and faster decisions allows you to receive.

Digital transformation may require constraining investments for SMEs in terms of budget allocation, staff training and renewal of the existing organizational structure. But we must not forget that when the digital transformation is complete, the money that will come out of one pocket will go into the other.

International reports and consensus recommend that companies spend 10% of their revenue on planning their digital strategy. Of course, this should be seen as a long-term investment.

Another important issue is how data is stored and used. The data is now stored and used in the cloud.

cloud computinghelps many SMEs gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. It has already proven to have a huge impact on teamwork and performance around the world. The heart of cloud computing advantages are the following:

– It reduces costs.

– Eliminates infrastructure complexity.

– Makes remote work possible.

– Protects data on highly secure cloud servers.

– Provides access to data independent of time, location and device.

Bonds are another dimension of digitization for SMEs. With the changes made by the tax authorities in the general statement on tax procedure law no. 535, The use of electronic documents has become mandatory for almost all sectors. Therefore, it is very important that SMEs complete their transition before July 1, 2022.

That much integrator selection rather important. I believe that almost all companies will be introduced to cloud technology in the coming period and will mainly run their business processes on the cloud.

The fact that even companies using commercial software for the first time prefer cloud technology as their first choice is an indicator of this. Future trends in cloud computing which may include authentication, encryption, network partitioning and data integrity.

Therefore, I recommend all SMBs prepare for the level of speed that cloud computing will bring.

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