Turkcell launches children’s book on circular electronics Business News

ISTANBUL – Turkcell has presented the children’s book on circular electronics titled “Ant Leg and Giant Leaf”, prepared with the contribution of Information Industry Association (TÜBİSAD) and Volunteers Foundation of the Education of Turkey (TEGV).

According to Turkcell’s statement, the book’s author, Sebahat Söylemez, and famous actress Melis Sezen, who voluntarily voiced the book, participated in the launch of the book, which aims to help children become environmentally aware.

Turkcell Deputy Managing Director Alper Ergenekon, whose views are included in the statement, said Turkcell’s positioning as the world’s leading digital operator places the company in a leading role in the area of ​​sustainability. , and said, “We are instilling the importance of environmental sustainability, which has become an inescapable responsibility, in our children, and raising awareness for a green and clean future. We maintain our determination to disseminate it to all layers of society, from 7 to 70 years old. In this sense, we carry out meaningful and beneficial projects in collaboration with international and local non-governmental organizations. used expressions.

Emphasizing that the book is an instructive resource as well as its entertaining content, Ergenekon said:

“This adventurous book written by author Sebahat Söylemez, who has received many international awards in his field, contains a lot of educational information. I am sure that children will have fun reading the book and take measures to protect the environment and also mobilize their families fizy, Dergilik and We wanted to announce our book, which was published in digital media like My Dream Partner, with our beloved Melis Sezen, first in the digital environment and we met in the metaverse universe.Children who complete the book will receive a “circular electronics certificate” when they leave their tech waste at home in the tech bins located in Turkcell stores.I congratulate April 23 as National Sovereignty Day and children of all our children who will take care of nature and play an important role in our future, thanks to this book and this certificate, which is our gift.”

Famous actress Melis Sezen pointed out that children protect nature with all their might and said: “It is very important for those who are followed by society, like us, whose work is in mind, to engage in such activities that educate people of all ages, in terms of building a more livable world. which raises awareness for a greener world in our little ones.Turkcell, for raising awareness about this and to everyone who contributed to the writing of the book, especially Sebahat Söylemez, the author of this beautiful book, I would like to thank TÜBİSAD and TEGV.” makes a statement.

Chairman of the Board of TÜBİSAD, Levent Kızıltan, said, “TÜBİSAD raises environmental awareness in our children starting from the fastest growing technological waste among solid waste groups. In addition to our tech waste collection activities in 81 provinces with Turkcell’s contribution, our “Ant Leg and Giant Leaf” storybook has been digitized. We believe they will embrace an understanding of circular electronics from an early age and make proper waste management a part of their lives as environmentally conscious individuals aware of responsible drinking.” used the expressions.

– It will be broadcast on Fizy and Dergilik

TEGV Education Programs Manager, Devrim Uygan, noted that as TEGV, they are making great efforts to raise creative children who take responsibility for a livable environment and produce with science and technology, and said, “With our workshops on ecology, climate and environmental projects at 55 TEGV activity points and schools in 22 provinces of Turkey. A sense of responsibility is instilled; we work with our children and volunteers to establish this take awareness in all strata of society. We believe that this book and project will be an effective way to transform awareness in our children into behavior.” made his assessment.

The author of the book, Sebahat Söylemez, also made the following assessments:

“In the book Ant Leg and Giant Yapak, our little hero shows what a child can achieve alone with their curiosity and imagination, while learning the language of nature, attracting everyone to the adventure, including the queen of crystals and the land of iron heads I think it will inspire you on the subject of environmental and circular electronics.The book Ant Bacak and Giant Yaprak will be published on the My Dream Companion app, the digital music platform and edition of Turkcell fizy and Dergilik so that it can reach more children. It will also be available in written version on Dergilik”

Turkcell Deputy CEO Alper Ergenekon and Melis Sezen reunited in the metaverse universe with avatars representing their virtual identities. Images of the duo, which will be the scene of pleasant moments, have been published on Turkcell’s social networks. Source: AA

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