130 Turkish universities managed to enter the league of “best in the world” with at least one scientific field

According to the report prepared by the Research Laboratory on University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) within the Institute of Computer Science, Middle East Technical University (METU), last year, 67 universities Turkish companies have managed to enter the world ranking with more than 10 scientific fields. and 130 Turkish universities with at least one domain.

The status of Turkish universities in the list prepared by a total of 8 ranking institutions, including URAP, ARWU, QS, THE, NTU, USNEWS, RUR, SCIMAGO, will be announced to the public today in the report “Status of Turkish Universities in the world ranking of scientific disciplines in 2021” prepared by URAP.

According to the report, 67 Turkish universities managed to rank in more than 10 scientific fields in the World Field Rankings. The 9 Turkish universities that managed to take place in the 8 institutions of the ranking were METU, Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Hacettepe, Istanbul, Boğaziçi, Bilkent, Ankara and Gazi universities.

METU managed to be the Turkish university that entered the highest number of field rankings in Turkey with 98 scientific fields in the field rankings of 8 ranking institutions.

Among the universities with more than 50 scientific fields, İTÜ 90, Hacettepe 89, İstanbul 71, Boğaziçi 70, Bilkent 69, Ankara 63, Koç 62, Gazi 56, Ege 54, Atatürk 52 and Yıldız Technical University are listed in 51 fields. find her.

In addition, 12 research universities in more than 50 scientific fields have taken place in the world ranking of fields. These research universities are; METU, ITU, Hacettepe, Istanbul, Bosphorus, Bilkent, Ankara, Koç, Gazi, Aegean, Atatürk and Yıldız Teknik have been determined.

Although many universities could take place in certain scientific fields, in certain fields such as law, history and psychology no university could take place. The scientific field with the largest number of universities was chemistry. Among Turkish Universities, 136 Chemistry, 115 Engineering, 106 Social Sciences, 104 Physics-Astronomy, 101 Mathematics, 90 Medicine, 86 Energy, 83 Agriculture-Biological Sciences, 77′ Two of them managed to place in the lists in environmental sciences and 72 in the fields of biochemistry-genetics-molecular biology.

Turkish universities that can enter the top 100

14 universities were able to enter the top 100 of the world ranking of domains. Çankaya University ranked 4th in the world ranking by NTU in the field of Mathematics, 11th in the field of Petroleum Engineering by METU QS and ITU in the top 100 in 5 scientific fields.

According to the report, 130 Turkish universities were able to enter at least one of the world rankings.

“Universities can enter science field rankings with 10-15 additional papers per year”

URAP Coordinator Pr. Dr. In his statement regarding the report, Ural Akbulut pointed out that there are 203 universities in Turkey, of which 129 are state universities and 74 are foundations, and made the following assessment :

“We hope that most of these universities will be able to enter at least one of the 127 scientific fields in the near future. It would be beneficial for university administrators to review the fields of articles published by their universities in scientific journals that have entered indexes over the past 4-5 years and determine the closest to enter the field rankings By encouraging scholars, our administrators It would be very beneficial for them to have more publications in these fields, so that they can take their university place in the rankings or move up to the top ranks.He showed he could take it.

“The decision on predatory magazines has been very beneficial for the future of universities”

Akbulut pointed out that some newly established universities have managed to enter and move up the general and subject rankings in a short time by encouraging scholars to publish papers in high-impact journals from day one, and through the incentives, universities established before 2000 also enter more field rankings and rise to higher ranks. He said it could happen soon.

Noting that in recent years, the number of citations per paper in the country has decreased as a significant portion of scientific papers originating from Turkey are directed to journals with very low or no impact value, Akbulut said: “Publications will be excluded from evaluation in academic promotions. Taking this decision has been very beneficial for the future of our universities. The positive effects of this practice will be visible in a short time and many of our universities will rise to the top of the world and general rankings. ” used expressions.

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