Antalya Bilim University recruits faculty members

Press advertising agency announcement portal According to the announcement posted on the website; Antalya Bilim University is recruiting faculty members. The information contained in the announcement is as follows;

From the Rectorate of Antalya Bilim University:

Our university is subject to the provisions of the Labor Law No. 4857, the Higher Education Law No. 2547, the Regulations on the Promotion and Appointment of Faculty Members and the “Regulations on Procedures and principles concerning central examination and entrance examinations to be applied in appointments to be made to teaching staff other than faculty members”. In accordance with the relevant provisions, academic staff will be recruited to the positions specified in the table below.


The advertised executive is in permanent status, and candidates who wish to be nominated must submit their CV in YÖK format, photocopy of ID card, school documents, 4 photographs, list of publications, in accordance with the relevant articles of the Law on Higher Education No. (the main research works will be specified), scientific studies and publications and their citations (CD or USB) are prepared on a portable memory in 6 teams for professorship, 4 teams for the associate professorship and the teaching staff of the doctor, and to the Human Resources Department of our Rectorate, personally within 15 days from the date of the announcement or by mail.
The equivalence of diplomas obtained abroad must be approved by the Interuniversity Council. Applications with diplomas whose equivalence has not been approved by the Interuniversity Council and with missing documents will not be accepted.



1- Fulfill the conditions specified in Article 48 of Law No. 657 on the Civil Service.
2- Have at least 70 points in ALES. The ALES score of 70 is accepted at the pre-assessment and final assessment stages of those applying for central exam exemption.
3- In the assignments to be made to teaching staff in programs where education and training are provided in a foreign language, candidates must be in the language of instruction of the program to be designated; In the appointments of instructors to be made to the personnel related to the foreign language in the field of sciences, and in the appointments to be made to the personnel of instructors in order to teach the compulsory foreign language course in accordance with paragraph (i) the first paragraph of article 5 of law no. 2547 on higher education; When appointing instructors to be employed in the applied units of higher education institutions related to international relations and foreign languages, it is necessary to have at least 85 points of the central foreign language examination accepted by the Council higher education in at least one language. , or to have an equivalent mark on an examination accepted as equivalent. For research assistant positions, it is necessary to obtain at least 60 points in the foreign language central examination accepted by the Council for Higher Education or an equivalent score in an examination accepted as equivalent.
4- The equivalence of diplomas obtained abroad must be approved.
5- Candidates’ transcripts will be evaluated according to the following principles during the pre-evaluation and final evaluation phase:
• If there is only a four or five point system in the transcripts, the Higher Education Council equivalency table will be used.
• Hundred grades will be used in transcripts only if there is a hundredth grade system.

• The requirement of the central examination is not required for those who have obtained a doctorate or a doctorate or a specialization in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine or master of art, those who will be appointed in the fields of specialization determined by the Higher Council for Vocational Schools, and those who have worked or are currently working as teaching staff in higher education institutions.
• The foreign language requirement is not required for applications to be sent to teaching staff other than teaching staff under the 4th paragraph of article 6 of the Regulation on the procedures and principles relating to the central examination and to the entrance examinations to Applied in the appointments to be made to the staff of the academic personnel other than the faculty of the professional schools.


1- Application form (1.The link will be added)
2- CV (in YÖK format) (the 2nd link will be added)
3- Copy of transcript, diploma and equivalency certificate, if applicable (Original or notarized copies will be requested during the nomination process.) 4- Printing of ALES result document
5- Output of the result document in a foreign language (excluding vocational school staff)
6- Copy of identity card
7- Photo (2 pieces)
8- Student certificate (for research assistant positions)
9- Experience Certificates (If experience requirement is required as per advert, a signed document indicating work areas and dates of employment and SGK service sheet, approved service document for those who have worked or worked in the public sector)
10- Certificate of military service
11- Documents and certificates specified in the special conditions of the announcement

• The documents requested at the first application or when the right to be appointed must be submitted by official institutions as “As Original” or notarized. Unapproved documents are considered invalid.
• Interested persons should apply at our university address, Çubuklı Mahallesi, Akdeniz Bulvarı No: 290 Döşemealtı /ANTALYA, in person or by mail.
• Requests not made on time or with missing documents will be considered void and postal delays will not be taken into account.
• The University reserves the right to make changes to the exam schedule in mandatory circumstances.
• All announcements made on the web pages of our academic units are notifications. No written notification will be made to individuals.
• If it is determined that the applicants do not meet the requirements and make false declarations in their documents, all transactions will be canceled and they will not be able to claim any rights.
• The Administration has the right to cancel each stage of the “Announcement” if it deems it necessary.
• Candidates can only apply for one of the positions specified in the advertisement.
• Detailed information about the announcement, required documents and forms are available at


Announcement date: 22.04.2022
Application deadline: 06.05.2022
Website where the results will be announced:
Application method: Personally, By mail

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