canias4.0 participated in smart factory fairs in South Korea

ISTANBUL (AA) – IAS Korea participated in Smart Factory & Automation World 2022, one of the largest smart factory fairs held in South Korea.

According to the IAS statement, Industry 4.0 technologies were discussed at the international fair held in Seoul. The IAS Korea team also took part in the giant event with the participation of 320 companies with its canias4.0 stand.

While IAS Korea officials met visitors at the canias4.0 booth, which attracted great interest from attendees, they shared information about caniasERP, canias4.0 IoT Solutions, Industrial Application Objects (IAO ).

The canias4.0 stand, which is one of the most visited stands at the show, welcomed around a thousand visitors. IAS Korea officials gave presentations on the solutions and services offered by IAS at the canias4.0 booth during the 3 days of the show.

On the other hand, Murat Karslı, Country Manager of IAS Korea, who was the guest of the seminar organized on the last day of the event, spoke about caniasERP and IAO. IAS IoT Product Manager İbrahim Tataroğlu, who was the guest of the same seminar, shared canias4.0 IoT solutions and future plans with the audience.

– “Canias4.0, which brought together all the needs under one roof, aroused curiosity at the show”

IAS Korea Country Director Murat Karslı, whose views are reflected in the statement, said, “We showcased all the solutions needed for digital transformation under the title ‘Smart Factory & canias4.0’ at SFAW. . With the projects we have completed in recent years and our growing experience in the countries, we aim to increase our brand awareness in the Korean market and it was a good opportunity to strengthen our position in the market. We welcomed more than a thousand visitors to our stand. used the sentences.

Stating that they have welcomed representatives of tech giants such as Hyundai, Samsung, LG to the canias4.0 booth and have high potential opportunities, Karslı said:

“The encounter with an integrated software that meets all end-to-end needs of factories surprised some of our visitors. Today, the joint use of ERP and IOT solutions has become mandatory, especially in a country like Korea where the use of technology and government supports are quite high, and canias4, which brings together all these needs under one roof..0 attracted great interest at the fair.

With this momentum that we have achieved, our main objectives are to consolidate our position in the South Korean market, to carry out new projects and to obtain success stories that can serve as a reference for us in this market. In addition, we want to grow quickly with new partners in the market. You can be sure that we will share much better news from South Korea in the near future.”

– “Our operations in South Korea will ramp up”

İbrahim Tataroğlu, IAS IoT Product Manager, also said that he introduced our IAS canias4.0 IoT Smart Factory solutions to South Korea, one of the fastest growing industrial economies in the world, by closely observing the current and potential needs of customers and offering solutions adapted to these needs.

Stating that awareness of smart factory is high in the country and understanding of continuous improvement with software and hardware solutions in production management is established, Tataroğlu continued:

“For this reason, the stand of canias4.0, which offers integrated technology solutions, attracted a lot of attention at the show. As a global technology company, we explained the canias4.0 technology to almost a thousand visitors and offered solutions to their Especially in South Korea, which exports technology to all over the world.It is a great honor for us to introduce the technologies we have developed as IAS to the country.

Our IoT solution integrated with caniasERP, IoT Box IO and Touch IO devices received great attention at the show. We have observed that our integrated solutions that we offer to our customers in different parts of the world will also find a response in South Korea and have great potential.”

Underlining that canias4.0, which offers integrated technology solutions, meets an important need in the global market, Tataroğlu said they will scale up their operations in South Korea in the future.

Tataroğlu said, “It is a great advantage to be in South Korea, one of the world’s IoT hubs, and to follow market developments closely. We believe that our canias4.0 IoT solution will achieve significant work in this region in the near future, with the intense interest of visitors and customers at the show, as well as the long-term efforts of the experienced team at IAS Korea. , and the positive feedback we’ve received from our referral projects.”

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