Climate change: What is carbon capture technology and can it save the world?

  • Nidal Abou Mrad
  • BBC World Service

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Capturing and storing carbon dioxide is inevitable if we are to save our planet, say scientists

If we do not want to suffer the worst possible consequences of climate change, we must have reached “net zero” carbon emissions by 2050, that is, we must equalize the amount of carbon dioxide that we emit into the atmosphere and eliminate it.

United Nations scientists warn that we are on track to exceed 2 degrees in global temperature increase. This is news that will make many areas of our planet very difficult to live with.

According to the scientists, in order to avoid this, in addition to natural solutions such as planting trees, technologies such as carbon capture and storage will also be important in this process. However, some environmentalists argue that this is not the way to go.

How does carbon capture and storage work?

A number of natural methods, from planting trees to agricultural practices that absorb carbon dioxide from the soil, are applied as simple and inexpensive methods of reducing CO² in the atmosphere.

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