Eşref Hamamcıoğlu explained the critical detail to AKŞAM: They were annotated in the ruling book.

Eşref Hamamcıoğlu, announcing his candidacy for the presidency of Galatasaray, spoke with EVENING ahead of the critical trial which will be held at 11:00 a.m. today. Hamamcıoğlu spoke about what happened during the court process and what will happen after the court:

“The court has two alternatives. Either the club’s objection will be accepted or it will continue in the same way. If it continues in the same way, the board will meet urgently and set a new date for the election. “Management needs to determine this date quickly. We were told there would be an election. But when the election decision was made on April 30, we learned that it was written differently in the decision book.


It was written on the Galatasaray website that the decision was taken in accordance with article 28/1 of the statute. However, we learned that it was written in the decision book that “such a decision was taken because the decision not to expel was taken in the General Assembly”. They put an annotation in the decision book of the Board of Directors. If it’s 28.1, no one can interfere with my choice. Because the council made a decision. The court could not intervene in this case. There is a lack of sincerity, transparency and trust towards Galatasaray. Therefore, if the court approves, management must clearly and clearly announce its decision on 28.1.


President Burak was a little nervous when he met with us. But he told us that if the injunction was not lifted by Friday afternoon, he would make an election decision. It is at their discretion that the person who sued us finds us inadequate. If he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t vote. If he can’t find anyone to vote for, let him be the candidate. Where was this man until now? I do not know. He doesn’t know us either, so he thought the candidates were insufficient. The candidate who appears after the court approves the injunction order will face a question mark.


It was reported that although the Galatasaray management put an election notice on the website in statute provision 28/1, they put the annotation “we made the election decision due to the non-exemption” in the ruling book, so the court ruled on 87/22.


Regarding the allegedly made short-term payments, Hamamcıoğlu said, “It is said that there is a short-term payment before every election. Mr. Elmas held a meeting to brief presidential candidates on financial statements. However, at this meeting, a cash flow statement and payment plan were not given. Such a myth. He said, “There is 500 million TL in July. We don’t know what the truth is. There is one fact that I know. The Banking Association payment will be made in August.


Hamamcıoğlu said about the amateur branches: “All our sponsors are ready for the amateur branches. You will see them 1 month after they are selected.”


Regarding statements that Galatasaray should facilitate vaults, Hamamcıoğlu said: “The position of President in Galatasaray requires experience, history and good manners. Talking about money all the time n It’s not top notch work in Galatasaray. Because the new Sports Law, Banks Union agreements prevent managers from providing cash registers. It’s empty work. No one has that money. Even if you find that money, you can’t fill those holes. If you don’t take drastic measures of efficiency in the G. Saray, put in $1 million, $500 million and it will expire the next day. That money will go The convenience of safes is out of fashion now. The biggest problem in sports clubs is that managers give money. Then whoever gives the money whistles and bad decisions are made. The debt of G. Sar ay is over 250 million. If there’s anyone brave enough to pay, welcome. We will withdraw immediately.


Presidential candidate Eşref Hamamcıoğlu responded to questions about the football team as follows: “The president of Galatasaray is not interested in the personnel of the Galatasaray football team. Cenk Ergün is dealing with it. He presents his report to us We will do what is necessary All football players Sportif A It is an investment of .Ş It is sold if he finds the investment cost I will donate the money from these sales to infrastructure. You can’t buy success with money. You have to earn The money of success. You will raise your own stars. Salvation is here. We’re not saying let’s get smaller. It’s not no question of becoming smaller.


Eşref Hamamcıoğlu, regarding the recent deportations, said: “Those who do not release are always criticized. “We have to be careful. If I’m elected president, why should I be afraid of being exonerated?


Regarding the rule change, Hamamcıoğlu said: “The topic of the rule book is always discussed in Palace G. It criticizes the status in each administration. But when it comes to the administration, they don’t put this issue on the agenda of the If we look at previous presidents, I’m inside the Grand Palace. “My year has passed. We live together the setbacks caused by the status. If I am elected president, I will first hold the general assembly of the budget and then the general assembly of the statutes.”


Eşref Hamamcıoğlu: “The Florya project is Galatasaray’s project, not the president. In this project, 3 real estates are intertwined. Riva, Florya, Kemerburgaz. Riva will be completed in 2023. G. Saray has a remaining share between 400 and 600 million liras Florya The project, which was started during the Dursun Özbek period in Turkey, is expected to be implemented, and a large income may come from Florya.


Regarding the election race with Metin Öztürk, Hamamcıoğlu said: “Members must come to the elections. The person to be elected must be elected with the strong will of the general assembly. The president must come with a strong vote. my friends are trying to win with loud votes.”


Hamamcıogşu: “Torrent and his team have a contract with G. Saray. We do not know the details of this contract. We will review the details of the contract. We will get a report from him. I will not do anything to harm G. Saray.

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