Good News from Murat Kurum for Malatya Earthquake Victims

Announcing good news to Malatya earthquake survivors, Minister of Environment, Town Planning and Climate Change, Murat Kurum said, “We will not have any earthquake victims who will not be not entered their homes in Malatya within 2-3 months. mentioned.


Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment, Town Planning and Climate Change, who came to Malatya under a series of programs, attended the handover ceremony of the reserve construction area title deed by Ozal Mahallesi.

Speaking in the program with intense attendance, Minister Murat Kurum said that an earthquake centered in Sivrice occurred on January 24, 2020, about a year and a half ago, and Malatya and Elazig were deeply affected by the earthquake, and said: “We mobilized all of Turkey for that day, and Mr. With the instructions of our president, we, our ministries, flocked to the earthquake zones that night The whole heart of Turkey beats for Malatya, for Elazig. On that day, we shared together the sadness of our fellow citizens. So to speak, we were there neighborhood, street by street, wherever our citizens needed us , and together with our Red Crescent, AFAD, the police and all the units of our ministry, we endeavored to respond to everything that our citizens needed.” mentioned.

“Within 2-3 months, there will be no more earthquake victims who have not returned to their homes in Malatya”
Stating that they have started the construction of 6,000 independent sections in total after the earthquake and they are trying to deliver on their promises for Elazig and Malatya not to mention epidemic or winter, Minister Kurum said, “ We suffered that day in the earthquake area, we grieved with them, we had problems with them, and we also had problems with them. A year later, we witnessed happiness and from the excitement of our brothers, which we quickly resolved. We were sad with them, we were happy with them. With any luck, within 2-3 months we will have no more earthquake victims who did not return to their homes in Malatya. mentioned.

Stating that they are with the citizens not only in the earthquake but in all the problems and marching with the nation under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for 20 years, Murat Kurum continued his remarks as follows:

“Wherever our nation needed us, we rushed there; We ran with our MPs, we ran with our organization, we ran with our leaders, and we immediately tried to solve this problem of our citizens. Today we are in Yeşilyurt, village of Özal. Our citizens have a property problem that has been going on for years, which includes 3,600 decares and 350 plots in these three neighborhoods in total in Özal, Bindal and Topsöğüt neighborhoods and about 600 siblings. Our mayors and our deputies passed it on to us and to our president, and we tried to quickly solve the problems of our fellow citizens. We immediately gave instructions to our friends, and I hope that we will soon return the title deeds to our citizens by solving the problem that they have been struggling with for these years and that they have not been able to obtain their Property titles.

“We promised what we could do”
Emphasizing that they made the promises they could make by making their promises in the electoral squares, the Institution concluded as follows:

“We have kept our promises so far. We have always strived to do more and better. We said work, we said political work, and we have always been on the side that produces, produces value and produces projects. By Allah’s permission, we will continue to produce works with the support of our nation. May Allah not embarrass us with you and our beloved nation. May our title deeds bode well for our neighborhoods of Topsöğüt, Özal and Bindal and for our citizens. The Minister of Environment, Town Planning and Climate Change, Murat Kurum, then handed over their title deeds to the rights holders.

The foundations of the 100th Anniversary National Garden have been laid
Minister of Environment, Town Planning and Climate Change Murat Kurum attended the inauguration and sapling planting ceremony for the 100th Anniversary National Garden located on Altın Apricot Boulevard, after the ceremony delivery of the document to Özal Mahallesi.

“We have invested 12 billion lira in Malatya in the field of environment and urban planning”
Minister Murat Kurum, who said that they have opened 4 national gardens in Malatya and now they will bring the first seedlings of 100. Yıl Park Nation Garden on the soil of Malatya, said: “Under the leadership of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan; We have made giant investments of 12 billion lira in Malatya just in the field of environment and urban planning. As a ministry, we have only invested 5 billion lira in Malatya in the last 4 years. mentioned.

“We have started the construction of our 7,007 homes, we have delivered nearly 4,400”
“Our first program has always been urban transformation.” Saying Minister Kurum, “Not a day goes by that we don’t hear the news of another earthquake in Malatya. In 2020, we rushed to Malatya after the earthquake centered on Elazig. The heart of 84 million people beat for Malatya, Elazig, used phrases.

The Minister of Settlement said:

“We mobilized and worked hard to heal the wounds of our brothers in Battalgazi, Pütürge, Doganyol and Kale. After the earthquake, we quickly started the construction of our 7007 residences. Today there are disasters, floods, landslides and earthquakes in Europe and in many countries around the world. But we see that they can’t even reach the wreckage for days and months. Fortunately, we have delivered almost 4400 residences out of 7007 so far. We will deliver the rest to you in the coming months.

“TOKİ has built 14,600 houses worth 5.5 billion lira in Malatya”
“Together with TOKİ, the biggest proponent of transformation, we have brought 14,600 houses and social facilities to Malatya, worth around 5.5 billion lira.” Murat Kurum said, “It’s actually very important in terms of earthquake relief. We’re doing both urban transformation and seismic transformation,” he said.

Minister Murat Kurum, who declared that the urban transformation project of 1000 houses in the area, plagued in Malatya Beylerbeyi and where the citizens had been waiting for years, has come to an end, said: “We will have handed over the keys to our fellow citizens here as soon as possible.” mentioned.

Minister Kurum said, “Of course, so that our low-income brothers in Malatya, our disabled brothers, parents of martyrs and veterans own; We are also building a total of 709 social housing units in Malatya Merkez, Yazıhan and Kale. he said.

“TOKİ has produced 1 million 300 thousand houses in 20 years”
“We have produced 1 million 300,000 houses in 20 years with our TOKİ. And they are all social housing.” recalling the institution, summarized the infrastructure works for Malatya as follows:

“We are remodeling Malatya’s infrastructure in line with our green development goal. With our Iller Bank, we have successfully completed 170 projects for infrastructure, superstructure, drinking water, solar power plant, sewage treatment plant, street beautification and construction of municipal services throughout the city with an investment of around 3 billion lire. At the moment, we are continuing our 8 projects worth 65 million lira on the ground at full speed, and we are also working on new investments.

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