Last minute: After Fenerbahçe’s offer, things got mixed up! Nwakaeme and Trabzonspor…


It has been learned that although sources close to Trabzonspor’s management said there was an agreement, Anthony Nwakaeme was confused due to the non-signing and the offers received.

According to Ajansspor News; Negotiations stalled on these demands from Nwakaeme, who demanded €1.8m in cash and €3m per year from Trabzonspor management in exchange for a 2+1 year contract.

It was noted that the president of the Bordeaux administration, Ahmet Ağaoğlu, was also very angry because of this attitude of Nwakaeme.


In the news; It was said that the yellow-dark blue management offered the Nigerian star a signing of 1.5 million euros and a 3-year contract of 2 million 750,000 euros for the recommended footballer at Fenerbahçe, and a deal of principle has been concluded.



Trabzonspor fans are eagerly waiting for the good news regarding Nwakaeme, frankly, the management have been dealing with this matter for 3 months.

A solution cannot be found. So what happened in this process? The situation is actually very clear; Nwakaeme’s England manager is asking for €3m a year, double the current price, and insists on 3 years as the length of the contract. In Turkey; He is determined to mortgage about 150 million TL. Moreover, there is a demand to buy a significant part of it in advance every year. According to details found in Fanatik, Trabzonspor have maximized what they can do, offering almost €2.5m with bonuses and signing money. However, the expected step does not come from the player’s side.

Facts to remember

Getting to this point is, of course, tiring. Looking at the sign, the hand of the Nigerian star’s manager, who is one of the biggest shareholders in the upcoming league with 11 goals and 10 assists, looks stronger. Of course, the fan passion for Nwakaeme increases this power. The excitement he promises every moment he is on the pitch is also very valuable. Everyone wants to keep looking at his merits. All are well, but there are some facts that Nwakaeme knows very well and should not ignore… Let’s talk about those.


He will miss his 7th game

Nwakaeme, now 33, was injured for the third time this season. Adana will miss his 7th game against Demir. In the process of not playing, 3 wins were won, 3 games ended with 1 point. One of the names with high risk of injury in the measurements carried out. This is why edge management is always in a state of anxiety. He has been playing for Trabzonspor for 4 years. He is especially aware of the institutional development of the club and the unity on the pitch that emerged with the arrival of Abdullah Avcı. He knows what kind of financial discipline the club has achieved for the organization that will outperform its main rivals.

Simple management game

Management; Where Hamsik played for 1.5 million guarantee plus 700,000 euros signing, he offered a price well above the cap. So he tries to honor Nwakaeme by breaking his own discipline. The star player, meanwhile, is about to upset all the balances with a simple game of manager, while he is the closest witness to the construction, which is aligned brick by brick both economically and sporting, from its infrastructure to the A team, which captured the era of football. While Trabzonspor has become a center of attraction for many world-class stars from head to toe, it has long left behind the days of being the plaything of a manager with the Champions League trump card. in hand next season.


It will either be legendary or…

The choice is now yours. His ears ring with the love of 40,000 people in every game in Trabzon, where he came as a player no one knew. Will he spend the last 2-3 years of his career with the music of the Champions League, becoming a legend as the most important member of this team, or will he prefer the million extra euros he will receive from Fenerbahçe or the Arabian Peninsula? The decision is Nwakaeme. When it was said that when Sosa leaves it won’t be better, Hamsik was transferred after a year. It was thought that Sörloth was irreplaceable. With the Cornelius-Djaniny duo, the score load is halved and the champion is won. If Nwakaeme stays, he will give more meaning to his 4-year story, and if he leaves, it won’t be the end of the world.


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