Last minute… Statement by Minister Soylu on the Bursa and Istanbul attacks: We have identified the perpetrators


Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu answered questions on the “Special Interview with Gökhan Gerçek” program on NTV.

Here are the titles of Minister Soylu’s statements:

(IED attacks in Bursa and Istanbul) Turkey has taken very important steps in the fight against terrorism. It has taken very important steps both in terms of professionalization and technologically. Turkey has made huge accumulations in the regions where the terrorist organization is located.

Of course, terrorist organizations look for opportunities. Since July 15, 1789 terrorist acts have been foiled in the country. The operations are not ending just because the number of terrorists inside has dropped to 150. The terrorist organization has lost its effectiveness in the campaigns, but it is in the cave and they are afraid to come out of their caves . We did a field application.

The instruction of the terrorist organization is as follows; You have lost the ability to carry out these actions in the countryside, do them in the metropolises, try to open up space for us. The terrorist organization is pursuing an action that will make noise. There are cells.



We have identified the perpetrators of the attacks in Bursa and Istanbul. MLKP carried out the action in Bursa and DKP-BÖG carried out the action in Istanbul. Two organizations subcontracting to the PKK.

We have blocked 25 demonstrations since the beginning of the year. In one, we seized 52.5 kilos of explosives.


In the 2019 elections, Turkey became the subject of the election as if the refugees were produced by itself. To provoke the opposition society is to make a policy out of it. He is openly hostile to refugees. There are 3 million 768,000 temporary Syrian refugees in Turkey.

We try to take all border security measures. If we had not taken our precautions, the number of illegal immigrants in Turkey today would exceed 10 million.

Turkey catches all illegal immigrants in the country. The 322,000 people captured were returned. The total number of illegal immigrants crossing from Turkey to Europe is 638,000.

About 500,000 refugees returned voluntarily. Asylum seekers must return voluntarily. When sent by force, international agreements are violated. So where did they go back? They returned to the safe zone we created. I ask the critics, who would the refugees turn to if the Turkish armed forces had not provided the safe zone?


Idlib, Jarablus area… A briquette house project was made here. Families have settled. Upon honorable return, they will return to safe areas. We are trying to make the safe area a place where Syrians in Turkey can live and earn a living.

We do everything a country needs to do when it comes to immigration policy. We have set up camps inside and inside our border. We have established our migration centers and our removal centres.


There are regions where we are linked. There are shopping areas. As Bahçeli said, “If they go on vacation, they should stay there.” This is also what our nation says. We have already stopped these departures due to the pandemic for about 2-3 holidays. The reason we opened it before was that they should go see the safe areas and there is 60% left. We have informed our governorates that those who want to go and come back for the holidays will not be allowed.


We will establish and set the safe zone. We must reduce their temptation to come to Turkey. There are regions where we provide this, there are regions where we will provide it.


As of March 31, 200 thousand 950 Syrian nationals have become citizens, including 113 thousand 654 adults. 87 thousand 296 of them are children. In the 2018-2019 elections, 30-35% of the votes were cast. Men who should have been in an insane asylum in Turkey say: “900,000 Syrian citizens were made” today. What number is it? Try to confuse.

The number of people who can vote is 113 thousand 654.

It is wrong to say that it will change the demographic structure of Turkey and change the outcome of the elections. If we don’t build border walls, if we don’t send them back to their own country, then the demographic structure will change.



I must also comply with the legal order, all public institutions must also comply. Nobody has the right to say that we have votes, we can do what we want. Institutions expose themselves to sanctions if they do not comply with the law. We are responsible for terrorist connections. It was determined that there were people linked to the terrorist organization.


Turkey has taken very important measures regarding the pandemic. As a result, we left an important part of Turkey behind.

Like the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and the Ministry of Interior, we are working on a study and we will share the result of this study. Our technical teams are working, how will the sound be, the decibels? They will bring us a proposal and we will study it.



I speak the state language, my office is not the gossip office. The former ambassador sent it to the EU ambassador for proofreading. This job is not for these ambassadors. It is not up to them to build a political game. You go to the elections and people place their cones in front of you. For years, these games, these benches have been played in this country. The only guardian of this country is the nation.

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