The economy is said to be doing well, so why isn’t there an increase in pensioner bonuses this holiday, even though it has been promised before?

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It finally happened: the electricity in the house where CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu lived with his wife was cut off. Kılıçdaroğlu filmed live video from his house garden in the dark last night.

Why was the electricity cut off?

For not having paid the electricity bill, which is the most exorbitant among the hikes announced on the last day of last year…

After the first high electricity bill he received, the CHP executive announced that he had stopped paying until the discount was made and his VAT removed.

So why hasn’t the electricity in Kılıçdaroğlu’s house been cut off until now, as has happened to many?

Elderly people’s electricity cannot be cut off for three months for any reason.

After three months, the Kılıçdaroğlu family house fell into darkness.

On this occasion, we learned: In his situation, the number of houses whose switches were cut because they did not pay the electricity bill was more than four million…

It’s amazing: the millions of people whose homes are without electricity in the 21st century…

The economy is running…

We have left two-thirds of the month of Ramadan behind us. Eid in nine days. Young people who study outside their hometown are reluctant to go home during the holidays. The reason for this is that transport is expensive… Plane, train and bus tickets far exceed the pocket money of the student, the loan he receives from the government, and the tutoring of establishments…

Train prices were increased three times in a short time.

The bus companies have decided to reduce the number of trips due to the lack of passengers. The president of the association, which brings companies together under its roof, said: “We are in a worse situation than in times of Corona”.

After the “suspended bread” application, the parties launched a “suspended ticket” application for students.

They say the economy is booming…

However, if the economy is on the right track as claimed, why isn’t this holiday an increase in the bonuses paid to retirees on every religious holiday -that is, twice a year-, even if it was promised before?

The last bonus paid was 1100 TL, the amount to be paid this holiday will be 1100 TL again…

Whereas between last year and this year, life has been worth at least double.

The state does not make entrepreneurs feel the cost of living, especially with additional payments; It also makes life more expensive by raising roads and bridges above the rate of inflation; Oil price increases instantly ripple through gas station pumps, and when it comes to the retiree’s bonus, while hope is given, the reunion is left for another spring.

The minister concerned lost hope until July.

We will have to wait for an increase in pensions in July…

I wonder?

As life gets more expensive each month than the last, better July indicators than today mean it will be harder for the budget to keep up with the promised rise.

“Should we honor our commitments to contractors or increase the salaries of retirees that we were hoping for? What option do you think the authorities, who will be caught between the dilemma, will take a position?

For my part, I cannot expect a different attitude from today.

It would be better not to give hope.

A friend of mine, who is also a reader, sent him the following note on social media the day before:

“The Supreme Court announced the number of party members; The number of AK party members was 11 million 84 thousand 224 people. The competent minister also announced that the number of people receiving assistance from social welfare foundations is 11 million. What a coincidence, but…”

I don’t know if such a relation can be established between the two data. The families that the foundations help must be the poorest in the country; it probably is. Studies show that the boundaries of hunger and poverty have widened to include more than half of society. The minimum wage is below the poverty line.

However, since they are members, people who are supposed to vote for the AK party are supposed to be happy with their situation. If economic problems had reached such dimensions that they include them, they would not be among those who are unhappy with their situation, question their party affiliation or vote for the party in power, which is always around 30% in opinion polls.

For this reason, it does not seem reasonable to me to establish a direct relationship between 11 million aid recipients and 11 million members of the AKP party.

Maybe for those who make up the AK party’s voting base around 30%, the equation ’11 million people who are party members + 11 million people who receive assistance from welfare foundations + those who are not affected by the vagaries of the economy” can be established.

How can so many people sit in the dark without electricity?

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu decided to live in darkness for a week; “How?” We can learn the answer to my question by watching it for seven days.

Since he said “I have a salary, I can pay it”, the leader of the CHP will pay the bill out of his own pocket.

He will not need the generosity of Meral Akşener, the leader of the IYI party, who says: “I would like to pay if he allows it.

I wonder if the “pending bill” application should be launched for houses with power cuts greater than 4 million…

I recommend.

All is well in the economy…

It is said that…

At a time when life was more expensive in our youth, the following song became popular: “Baked beans for 2.5 liras/Let the raw bubble and play”. I just looked on the site of a common market, the price of dried beans with its own label was 17.25 TL; 750 grams of İspir dry beans cost 47.64 TL.

Always play, always play…

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