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Celebrating April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, children have been born directly into new technologies and the Internet for many years. From an early age, phones, tablets and televisions play a major role in children’s lives. This situation presents many dangers. Because there is a lot of content on the internet and on next-gen platforms that can harm children’s mental health. Big tech companies are working hard to prevent such content, but it still cannot be completely eliminated. So how do you protect children, who need proper guidance, from the dangers of the Internet? The biggest job here is up to the parents. Parents should regularly check the content their children are consuming and never give up control.


The safe Internet services and child profiles offered by many Internet service providers are among the greatest aids that families can use to protect their children. Thanks to these, children can be prevented from accessing websites that could be harmful to them, intentionally or not. Restricting the websites your children can access, as well as the special profiles and lists you create, will relieve you of many security problems.

One of the best things that can be done to protect children in the internet world is to keep them away from social media platforms until a certain age. Social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok or Facebook seriously harm the psychology of adults, not to mention children. Many research results prove it, and even social media companies themselves know it very well. In this regard, cutting off access to social media would make a lot of sense for a developing child to be able to put their outlook on life on an appropriate basis.

YouTube is one of the platforms where children spend the most time. YouTube is filled with millions of content which is normally very dangerous for children. Blocking children from accessing YouTube will make your life much easier. So what to do here? Kids love to watch videos. Where are we going to direct them?

One of the first solutions here is the specially curated YouTube Kids app/platform. The children’s version of YouTube is highly moderated and has 99% child-safe content. However, it should be noted that you should not completely trust YouTube Kids. Here too, some content may be harmful to children and your supervision is always required. However, the “Kids” app brings a much safer entertainment and education process compared to normal YouTube.




Parents need to consider the physical health of their children as well as their mental health. Next-gen phones, tablets, or TV panels have serious blue light protections, but the amount of time kids consume content needs to be controlled and kept within limits. It is very important that children do not stare at the screen for long periods of time for their eye health. Similarly, screen viewing distances should be checked and children should be trained in this regard. Similarly, avoiding movements that will disturb the anatomy of the body while children are spending time on the internet or consuming content is a consideration.



In order to protect children, it would make very, very good sense to keep them away from online games until a certain age. Because even in online games designed only for children, you can meet evil people. Child chasing adults pretending to be a child can be friendly on online games and bring the process to real life and harm your child both mentally and physically. Of course, it makes no sense to keep children completely out of the game. In this context, we recommend that you only participate in online games with your child and, in other cases, allow offline games. line that does not work on the Internet. There are many paid and free productions here which will be very useful for children.

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