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Prefabricated houses for sale in Turkey are becoming more and more common with the development of technology and the real estate sector.

In the changing and developing construction industry, prefabricated houses are produced in a very short time.

Although the prices of manufactured homes vary depending on the type and size of the house, the prices of manufactured homes for sale are more affordable.

Today, prefabricated houses have become very popular. Prefabricated houses are structures that are built more conveniently and quickly than reinforced concrete buildings. Prefabricated houses have several advantages over reinforced concrete structures. It is safer in disaster like earthquake, flood, fire. Prefabricated houses do not have the destruction that can occur due to natural disasters in reinforced concrete houses. Newly designed prefab homes are also more durable and safer against wind and storms.

If prefabricated houses increase security, they also reduce certain expenses. These low-cost houses also reduce certain expenses.

How are prefabricated houses heated?

Heating in prefabricated houses is a topic that many people wonder about. Prefabricated houses are made from building materials that provide high thermal insulation. For this reason, there are prefabricated structures suitable for all four seasons.

Prefabricated houses maintain thermal efficiency at the highest level thanks to their insulation performance. Prefabricated houses are produced in hot or cold regions, depending on all climatic conditions. For this reason, many people prefer to buy prefabricated houses.

Various heating methods can be used in prefabricated houses, which are suitable for four seasons, as in reinforced concrete houses. If you own a manufactured home in an area with natural gas infrastructure, you may benefit from natural gas heating mode. The installation and use of natural gas in prefabricated buildings is very simple.

Solar energy, electric stove or normal stove and air conditioner can be used as heating methods in prefabricated buildings.

What is the lifespan of a prefabricated house?

Prefabricated houses, which are preferred due to their quick, convenient and inexpensive construction, are attracting a lot of attention. One of the most curious topics in prefab buildings with different designs preferred by many people is the life of the prefab house.

The service life of the prefab house varies depending on the products used in the material of the prefab building. Today, with the evolution and development of technology and the construction industry, new generation materials are emerging. The service life of prefabricated houses built with renewed and changing materials becomes quite long.

Are prefabricated houses healthy?

Prefab homes can be sold as ready-made homes, or they can be designed to the taste and taste of the person who will buy them. When creating the prefabricated house, different building materials are added depending on the features desired in the design.

Today, building materials are produced and created from new generation materials. New generation building materials are healthier, respectful and safer materials for people and nature.

Practical and safe prefabricated houses with different designs, suitable for use in all four seasons, are healthy buildings. Prefabricated houses, usable in all climatic conditions, are strong and durable houses. They are healthy structures that do not harm people and nature.

What are the types of prefabricated houses?

There are many types of prefabricated houses. Prefab houses, which are the most popular prefab buildings, can have unique designs. It may differ depending on the building material used, there are three main types. Types of prefabricated houses:

Prefabricated concrete houses

Prefabricated steel houses

Prefabricated wooden houses

These three types of prefab houses are different types of prefab houses in terms of structures. They differ in themselves in terms of durability, maintenance, comfort and confidence.

Prefab concrete homes are sturdy and require less maintenance. Steel prefab houses have various advantages with their sturdiness, safety and flexibility. Prefab concrete houses are more soundproof than other types. But in steel prefab homes, you can adjust the material setting for sound conductivity yourself during construction. Wooden prefabricated houses require more maintenance. Prefabricated wooden houses are less safe than prefabricated steel and concrete structures.

Models of prefabricated houses:

Single storey prefabricated houses

Multi-storey prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses with swimming pool

Villa Style Prefab Homes

Prefab houses villa model with swimming pool

Prefabricated houses with variable thermal insulation

Customizable prefabricated houses.

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