Kılıçdaroğlu’na severe reaction! MHP leader Bahçeli: We deliberately left the rooms unlit…

MHP President Devlet Bahceli criticized CHP President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu without giving a name. In a statement from his social media account, Devlet Bahçeli criticized Kılıçdaroğlu. “The Turkish nation will oppose those who intentionally remain without light in the rooms and aim to extinguish the light of our nation, and suddenly condemn their regiment to the total darkness they deserve,” he said. used the sentences.

Titles of Bahçeli’s statement:

“April 23, 1920 is such a historic moment that it is the future stage of a nation rising from its ashes, erect like a giant, and with its blessed will, showing the determination to accomplish and carry out the National Struggle in the path of legitimacy, affiliation, responsibility and courage.

In the words of Bursa MP Emin Erkul, the people of Ankara took to the streets on April 23, 1920; Adhans rising from the minarets of the mosques, takbirs, salutations, recitations of the Holy Quran, sacrifices and prayers echoed in the sky.


MP Sinop Şerif Bey, who was elected to the temporary presidency as the oldest member of the Assembly, told the world in his opening speech that he personally addressed the fate of our nation in the full internal and external independence and began to administer this. Now the bad luck was about to change.

The Grand National Assembly took its place in the history of the nation thanks to national patience, the well-being of the national spirit and the sovereignty of national morality, accompanied by high hopes 102 years ago. The torch lit on April 23, 1920 illuminated the skyline of the Republic of Turkey and destroyed the occupying elements.


The Turkish nation has shown its affection by articulating and reinforcing its common will, its aspirations for freedom, historic rights and future dignity with the material and moral judgment of our Assembly. Abominable, accursed and repugnant ambitions were walled up.

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey is an obstacle to gloomy goals, a hook to clouded consciences, chaos and turmoil for their authors. Our Assembly, which is the manifestation of national sovereignty, is the example of heroism that united our war of independence with victory, the symbol of Gazi.


It is a disgrace and a disgrace that those who seek and aim to extend the black spots of their consciousness and politics to our entire country, lay in the dark, at the same time rehearsals of civil disobedience, and that these distorted mentalities serve in Parliament.

Deciding to suppress and obscure Turkey’s bright future is a shameful objection to the relics of our Assembly of Veterans. Under the veil of freedom of thought and conscience, agents of influence, who have no other aim than to destroy all freedoms, were defeated yesterday and will continue to be defeated again.

Just as those who took refuge in the dark and hoped for the help of the dark to throw off the weight and the humiliating situation in which they fell, lost on April 23, 1920, they will lose the faithful puppets who have again followed in their footsteps and again.


The Turkish nation will personally oppose those who intentionally remain without light in the chambers and aim to extinguish the light of our nation, they will throw their plots and conspiracies into their hands when the time comes, and they will suddenly condemn their regiment to the field the darkness they deserve.

On the occasion of April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, I congratulate the holidays of our dear children and embrace them all. I assure our children that with Allah’s permission we will present a Turkey where every day is a holiday. They are our hope.

I proudly celebrate the 102nd anniversary of our Veterans Assembly and hope it will be instrumental in many times of resurrection and ascension. I commemorate the first President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Saint Ataturk, our founding heroes, our martyrs and the honorable members of the First Assembly with respect and mercy.

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