Last Minute… Göztepe has been relegated! Second farewell to the Super League, a gesture that will go down in history in the final moments


Gaziantep FK and Göztepe drew 1-1 in the Spor Toto Super League Week 34 game.

With this result, Göztepe, with 28 points, becomes the second Super League team to fall with 4 weeks to go. Earlier, Yeni Malatyaspor’s farewell was finalized.


Goztepe, 90+2. He took the lead with Adis Jahovic’s goal in the second minute. Before the golden, the ref’s throw went directly to the goal and Jahovic completed the ball returning from the top post and scored the goal.

In the Izmir team, the players acted like a gentleman and let Figueiredo score the goal. The score came back to 1-1. The Izmir team, who will continue to claim to stay in the league if they win the match, were relegated after this goal.


90+9 of the game. In the second minute, this time Muhammed acted like a gentleman and scored the auta penalty. However, the match ended in a draw and Göztepe’s relegation was certain.



Göztepe players made remarkable statements after the fight.

Ege Ozkayimoglu: I just got in. I don’t want to take anyone’s fault. I did not follow the position. It wouldn’t be right for me to say anything.

Arda Ozcimen: I don’t really know the subject. I do not want to say anything.

Addis Jahovic: I didn’t get too involved in that, I don’t explain. Of course, we are professional footballers. Everyone works in the field. I ran into position and scored.

“It wouldn’t hurt us to kick the penalty”

Muhammed Demir, who scored the penalty after the match, said: “I still feel weird. I don’t regret at all not taking the penalty. We felt that on the pitch. My conscience is very comfortable. If Göztepe hadn’t shown that fair play, there wouldn’t have been a penalty, he said.


Gaziantep FK coach Erol Bulut said: “Jahovic turned the ball coming back from the post into the goal. Here Göztepe showed good will to win the fair play award. Our football player responded to that in the penalty shootout. There was a disagreement in They resolved it as part of fair play,” he said.



Making statements about the positions in the dying moments of the game, Tomas said: “I didn’t fully see our goal position. My players also said something, but I didn’t fully understand it. Then, the managers from above said the position is normal I told the players to continue but they made such a decision Gaziantep footballers Or maybe they made such a decision on the point penalties because they felt guilty.”


At the end of the game, Gaziantep FK said: “Games are always won, this time the winner is respect!” He shared a post with his expressions.


Last minute... Göztepe was relegated Second farewell to the Super League, a gesture that will go down in history in the final moments

Relegation line:

16- Giresunspor – 40 points
17- Altai – 30 points(-1)*
18- Rizespor – 30 points*
19- Goztepe – 28 points**
20- Yeni Malatyaspor – 20 points**

*Teams in the last 4 places in the league will be relegated.


In the 7th minute, Mirza, who met the ball behind the defense with Maxim’s long ball from midfield, after controlling the ball in leather, his shot went out with a narrow margin.

Facing the goalkeeper with a pass thrown behind the defense in the 18th minute, Di Santo tried to make his shot, while Ertuğrul intervened and threw the ball in leather.

Meeting the ball on the right wing in the 20th minute, Muhammet, who wanted to touch the ball that Mirza sent from the ground in front of the goal, could not reach the leather trick.


Facing the goalkeeper on the left side of the penalty area in the 38th minute, Halil Akbunar’s shot was launched for a corner by goalkeeper Günay.

Vetrih, who got up nicely from the corner used in the 45th minute, lowered the ball towards the penalty arc, and Furkan’s volley shot went from above.

Di Santo, who encountered the ball in the left diagonal of the penalty area in the 62nd minute, hit the far corner and went out.

In the 68th minute, the defense stepped in and pulled him past Sagal, who was in the dangerous midfield vacated position by Maxim from the right towards the penalty area.

In the 71st minute, Recep’s shot, which was passed through the ball on the penalty arc with Halil İbrahim’s pass, came out the side of the post.

Kitsiou’s weak kick to the ball, which was turned towards the penalty spot by Maxim, who went down to the zero point of the penalty area with dribbles in the 73rd minute, was left by goalkeeper Arda.


In the 78th minute, Tijanic met the ball outside the penalty area, diagonally left, and after robbing his opponent, his shot from the ground went out with a narrow margin.

Meeting the ball with Maxim’s pass in the 84th minute, Mirza’s shot into the far corner inside the penalty area was left behind by goalkeeper Arda.

90+3. After the referee’s throw on the halfway line in the second minute, Adis Jahovic’s kick went into the leather round nets, which met the ball returning from the post in Soner’s spot kick. 0-1

90+5. On the grounds that a goal was scored after the referee’s throw, Göztepe players showed an example of fair play and allowed Gaziantep FK to level the score with Figueiredo. 1-1

90+7. After the intervention of the goalkeeper of Göztepe Arda against Figueiredo, the referee awarded a penalty.

90+8. Muhammet Demir, who took the ball on penalties per minute, responded to the example of fair play and returned the leather circle.

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