Social assistance State assistance Who can benefit from which assistance

Due to the economic difficulties experienced in recent days, many citizens welfare research payments. The state provides social assistance to citizens who meet certain conditions.

Citizens who have economic difficulties and do not have financial means can receive state assistance under the name of social assistance. Sometimes these supports, which are given in cash, can sometimes take the form of bill payments.

How and where to apply

To benefit from these free aids, it is necessary to contact the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations, Provincial Directorates of the Family and Social Services of the districts, and to apply via e-Government for certain aids. The identity card is compulsory to make the request in these establishments.

So what are the social supports provided?

Electricity to invoice

Energy assistance is one of the most frequently applied areas of social assistance, especially by citizens who have recently struggled to cope with rising electricity bills. The amount of aid varies between 103 lira and 206 lira, depending on the number of people living in the house. For this, the household’s per capita income must be less than 1/3 of the net minimum wage. As of this year, this amount is 1,417 TL. Payments are made via PTT. Citizens do not receive money directly, discounts are applied to electricity bills.

Power assistance for people connected to the device

Up to 200 lira of the monthly electricity bill of patients who depend on the device due to their chronic illness is covered by the state. If these people have accumulated an electricity debt, they are deleted once. However, recipients must not have previously obtained an uninterruptible power supply from SGK.

Fuel assistance

Natural gas Payments for consumer support requests will vary between 450 TL and 1,150 TL. Who will ask for help They will be able to apply by filling in the necessary information on the Welfare Application Service screen. Those who will benefit from the aid will be able to pay their bills from the PTT.

Additionally, those who live in homes with stoves can apply for coal assistance. Those who meet the conditions for candidacy will be able to apply to the Social Aid and Solidarity Foundations.

Support for military children and their families

A monthly payment of 200 lire is paid for children living in needy families without social security and whose father is a soldier. If there is more than one child, a separate application must be made for each of them. To apply, children must be under the age of 18 and unmarried.

In order to support the families in need of those doing their military service, who do not have social security, during their military service, 500 lira per month and 1,000 lira are given for a period of 2 months. If the soldier is married, his wife benefits from the assistance program, and if he is not married, his mother or father benefits from it.

Support for orphans and orphans

Under Law No. 3294 on social assistance and the encouragement of solidarity, a monthly payment of 300 lire is paid to children living in families in need, whose mother, father or both are deceased.

Help for students

This aid is granted to families in need without social security, provided that their children continue their education and do not attend more than 4 days per month during the months when the school is open. Although payments are made every 2 months, the monthly payment amounts are as follows: 55 TL for a primary school student, 60 TL for a female student. Secondary school students 70 lira for boys, 90 lira for female students.

Health support

On condition that families in need attend regular health check-ups, 55 lira per month for children aged 0-6 and 100 lira per month for mothers during pregnancy are paid in periods of 2 months. If the childbirth took place in the hospital, 150 lira is paid once, 150 lira per month for the first 2 months after childbirth for conditional puerperium.

start work

It is granted only once to those who are placed in a job as a result of İşkur’s recommendation for a job. A third of the minimum wage is paid. This year, 1,417 lire are paid.



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