The app is launched! Revolutionary steps in the new identity card!

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said: “We started implementing the electronic signature system from January 10, 2022. In this way, we have the possibility to upload our electronic signatures to our new identity cards identity of the population and citizenship affairs directorates and kiosks, banks, notaries and land registry cadastral offices. At this point, the electronic signature upload process is completed. ” mentioned.

Soylu, who participated in the launch of the electronic signature organized by the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, said that the century, on the one hand, surrounds people with high security threats and, on the other. hand, confronts them with strong competition. Noble, “Now our needs and risks are more diverse, more urgent and even more complex. We probably didn’t worry about our personal information being stolen 30-40 years ago. We also didn’t have a speed problem internet connection, cybercrime. , a crime called cyberfraud. group was of course not on the agenda.‘ he said.

Emphasizing that technological opportunities on the one hand provide convenience, they also force them to constantly develop and produce innovations. “Today, both in the field of public services and in the field of security services, a little delay, a little delay, a momentary pause, if you will, creates significant costs. “One of the codes of modernity in the state is ‘zero breaks’. As the Ministry of the Interior, we have adopted this motto.” used the sentences.

Stating that they say “zero break” in the fight against terrorism, and that they have achieved many milestones ranging from the fight against terrorism to high operational capacities, from ensuring inter-institutional coordination and cooperation, to development technical, human and technological capacities, Soylu said, “In the fight against domestic violence and violence against women, they have also taken many measures. actively followed 535 cases with electronic armbands.

“The electronic signature upload process is completed at 200 points in 81 provinces”

Pointing out that they have produced the internationally award-winning KADES software, about 3 million 500,000 women have downloaded this software, received 198,000 reports and gone to all reports, Soylu said that ‘As a result, femicides have been reduced by a quarter, and that they will work until this figure is reduced to zero.

Soylu noted that they carried out the most important reflections of the “zero break” agreement in the civil field, under the aegis of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, one of the most important institutions. more rooted in Turkey, and that they have completed the electronic signature work for the Republic of Turkey Identity Card. “We started implementing the e-signature system from January 10, 2022. With this, we have the ability to upload our e-signatures to our new ID cards from state directions and kiosks. civil and citizenship affairs, banks, notaries and land registry offices. Currently, electronic signature is available at 200 points in 81 provinces. Installation is in progress.” he said.

Explaining that Ziraat Bank has also carried out the tests and that the electronic signature will start to be downloaded in the branches of this bank from Monday, Soylu said that users are obliged to determine their identity face to face for the downloading process. .

“The electronic signature has the same legal value as the handwritten signature”

Pointing out that they have achieved significant savings with certain regulations, Soylu continued his speech as follows:

Previously, materials such as chips and USB keys required for electronic signature were imported in foreign currencies. However, with this new system we are realizing significant cost savings as we will be using the chip inside the next generation ID cards. For the same reason, we also avoid shipping costs. I would like to underline this. The electronic signature has the same legal value as the handwritten signature. It is created only in the name of natural persons, e-Signature cannot be created in the name of the institution. Thanks to the electronic signature, we are mainly able to ensure the integrity of the data. It is now easier for us to detect these changes when a change is made to the data later. Likewise, we can facilitate the verification of the identity of the owner of the transaction.”

Stating that the benefit they expect from this project is the widespread use of electronic signature, Soylu said, “At the end of 2021, the number of electronic signature users in Turkey is around 6 million. In our new system, 2,000,830 citizens have downloaded since January 10. After this period, which we consider as a kind of pilot period, I hope that this number will increase rapidly after this promotional program Banking and financial applications, notarial works and transactions, cadastral and cadastral works and transactions, document management systems, applications health sector applications, financial regulatory applications, customs procedures applications, health and safety applications, legal applications, insurance assessment practices, foreign worker work permit applicationsAreas of use of the electronic signature. he said.

”We continue to innovate”

Explaining that they continue to innovate and work hard, Soylu said: “With the instructions of our President, the most secure state and national passport procedures in the world have begun to be produced, God willing, in the next 3-4 months. In other words, we will not have need others in the next 3-4 months we won’t be stuck in an area with security and chips we have been together with the mint our ministry of finance and treasury for a long time we are achieving a milestone we are working on If we can, we hope to use color images in our passports as well as passports we produce,” he said.

Recalling that they loaded driving licenses on their ID cards, Soylu said they are in a new process in which ID cards will be loaded on driving licenses in the same way.

Credit card payment deadline with ID card

Stating that he said before that they can do and try three things, Soylu“First, we have finished loading driver’s licenses onto ID cards. The second was the loading of electronic signature onto ID cards, and we have finished it. Third, a card payment system can credit be developed on ID cards? There are examples “We are talking about what we can do with all our banks and the Central Bank. We need a lot of time, but the work continues.” mentioned.

When launched with the slogan “Life is easy for ID”, it was introduced to load electronic signature on ID cards. Live connection was established with Ziraat Bank Maslak branch and Üsküdar Population and Citizenship Affairs Directorate, and electronic signature was demonstrated in practice.

The launch was attended by Interior Minister Soylu, as well as Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya, Director General of Population and Citizenship Affairs Şefik Aygöl and Chairman of the Association of Banks of Turkey Alpaslan Cakar.

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