The coronavirus vaccine could be like the flu shot

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health, Pr. Dr. Mustafa Necmi Ilhan“In the coming period, the cases of coronavirus have dropped a lot, say 100, 20, 10. In order to avoid such an epidemic, such a danger in this process, just like in the flu vaccine, vaccination is recommended for our fellow citizens over the age of 65. It may be possible to re-vaccinate our older fellow citizens with chronic diseases in the coming period.

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Gazi University, Head of the Department of Public Health, Member of the Scientific Committee Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan, on whether vaccination against coronavirus will continue in the future,”For now, we are all seeing coronavirus cases go down. In this case, our fellow citizens over the age of 65 suffering from chronic illnesses must protect themselves. When we look at those who have already died, we see that there are more of our seniors over 65 and our fellow citizens with chronic illnesses. It would be the right approach for us to proceed cautiously to protect this group. When we put that on top of each other, let’s say coronavirus cases have dropped a lot over the coming period, let’s say it was 100, 20, 10. In some places, in busy places, for example in Istanbul, sporadic cases can be observed. In this process, in order to avoid such epidemic and danger, just like in flu vaccine, vaccination is recommended for our citizens over 65, so it may be possible to vaccinate our citizens over 65 years old and with chronic illnesses for the coronavirus in the coming period. mentioned.

“We have to look at the cases in the fall and make a decision”

teacher. Dr. İlhan pointed out that the way forward in vaccination can be determined based on the density of cases in the future, “But it will be better to decide after seeing what will happen to the coronavirus cases in the world and in our country in the coming period, in the autumn period. In general, vaccination begins with the arrival of the autumn period, and the flu is intensifying during this period. In the autumn, in the period of September-October, it will be better to decide how the cases will develop in the world and in our country. It would be better to decide how the vaccine against coronavirus can work by seeing it and then thinking like this: When vaccination started in Turkey, the program aimed to vaccinate the risk groups in the first place Who were they: health workers, our elders over 85 years old, which are the risk group in Turkey.the community, and While gradually decreasing, the approach of vaccinating risk groups such as your teachers, police officers, individuals in the service of society, such as our military, was determined.‘ he said.

Has the pandemic become an “epidemic”?

teacher. Dr. İlhan, on whether the coronavirus pandemic has become an “epidemic”, “There was a huge process in the world, millions of people were infected. Of course, it was a pandemic, the spread of an infection seen all over the world. Then we expect these pandemics to turn into “epidemic”, then “endemic”, then “sporadic”. When we look at what this process means; “epidemic” means that the epidemic continues. However, such an intense infection is not observed all over the world, which we call “pan”. The word “endemic” means that the infection is seen in certain places in the world. Especially in places with poor hygienic conditions, overcrowded, poor living conditions, and after this process in highly populated places in India, maybe in South America, maybe in African countries , in places where societies are negligent, the coronavirus can continue as endemic. What we call ‘sporadic’ means it is now very rare. A few cases in one place in China means a few cases in India. Of course, this process can evolve from pandemic to epidemic, to endemic, hopefully to sporadic. At present, it is possible to say that the epidemic is already on the decline, and the pandemic is gradually decreasing. used the expression. (ADH)

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