Fikret Bila: economic democracy-shepherd protocol

The AK party, by selling all the savings of Turkey, from which it took power, “preferred economy” established an order which can be described as

He sold the Republic’s 70-year-old factories and facilities, its ports, airports, roads, bridges, for 20 to 49 years. “transfer of exploitation rights” or “private public partnership” transferred it to pro-government companies under the name of He made commitments from the Treasury to pay out of pocket for the citizens for the next 20, 25, 44 years with foreign currency guarantee. The treasure has hit rock bottom.

This system was based on 10 or 15 companies determined by the government. The rent generated was split between these companies and the pro-government segment. New wealth has been created. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer. A ruling bureaucracy was established which had to live off the treasury and received a salary of 3-5-10 places. The majority sought to fill their jug ​​as the water flowed.

In the meantime, the Treasury fell into negative and could not borrow money. Foreigners who bought a house for $400,000 were granted the right to citizenship. Turkish citizenship announcements have been posted in Middle Eastern and African countries. It was promised that 1 million 600,000 lira would be given annually to those doing real estate business so that they could sell houses abroad, and have all their expenses covered.

The economy has been driven to the point of bankruptcy. Turkey has become a bullet for 1 dollar. The cost of this economic policy has been paid to the poor.

“Liberalism or neoliberalism” Just because it demands it, everything Turkey had in its hands was shared and transferred with the created supporters.

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu He expressed that the end of neoliberalism in Turkey and the world ended the night his house was cut off, and he continued this exploitation. “Stop” He called on all Democrats to fight together. Kılıçdaroğlu’s output on behalf of the oppressed classes under this order was appreciated.

In fact, it is not even possible to qualify as liberalism or neoliberalism the economic policy implemented by the government of the AKP party. Both liberalism and neoliberalism have councils, laws, laws and a judicial system that police capital. However, under the name of liberalism, which is practiced in Turkey, in defiance of laws, law, judiciary and control. “Nepotism, rent sharing, transfer of resources from the Treasury to supporters”It is a model of transfer and exploitation of wealth consisting in

So, does Turkey have no other choice? Is he dedicated to this order that exploits these people so much that they have to collect the leftovers from the market?

Of course not…

There is an option that Turkey has put into practice with great success. They have business models that work quite well.

Kilicdaroglu, “The end of liberalism, the neoliberal order has come” Then, he started from the publicist economic models put in place by the municipalities of the CHP.

Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan MunicipalityThe information he gave in the conversation we had during his visit to Ankara in recent days, the information he put into practice. “Izmir model”power “preferred model”It turned out to be a very solid alternative to .

What Soyer told me was what the late Bülent Ecevit persistently defended. “economic democracy” It reminded me of the project.

Ecevi said:

“The Turkish democratic left aims for economic democracy along with political democracy, as well as social democracy…Social democracy is an integral part of political democracy. Economic democracy is a complement of both… The people must become an economic entrepreneur by forming an organized force. (Fikret Bila, Phoenix, The Rebirth of Ecevit, Born Book, p. 137-139)

Ecevit believed that this economic democracy would be achieved through cooperatives formed by the people. “I hope that in the future economic democracy will be established in this way” he said.

Listening to Tunç Soyer, I saw that Ecevit’s wish was fulfilled by the municipalities of the CHP.

shepherd protocol

As Ecevit said, Soyer organized the shepherds and turned them into economic entrepreneurs. This allowed them to have their say and make a decision.

He gathered 4,500 shepherds in rural areas of Izmir. He signed a contract with them. It stipulated the creation of cooperatives. Then he supported the feeding of cows, sheep and goats by agreeing to buy their milk. He has relaunched breeding. Now he is about to open the public establishment which will process this milk. It both increased production through the herdsmen’s cooperative and enabled the consumer to buy milk at a low price. Citizen shepherds turned into organized entrepreneurs.

It has implemented the same method in the transport sector. He also created cooperatives of minibus drivers. It allowed them to put the transmission lines into service at the rate determined by the municipality. The member drivers are satisfied, the passengers are satisfied. Citizen drivers have also reached the position of economic entrepreneurs with their cooperatives.

It also provided cooperatives in the production of housing. He brought housing producers and co-operatives together, had healthy, cheap houses built and delivered them to members.

He also went to cooperatives in the energy sector. In the fields of wind and solar energy, which are renewable energy sources, production started on cooperatives. These cooperatives have started generating electricity with irrigation and solar energy panels.

With this model, many public services are provided by cooperatives where people are entrepreneurs.

To provide these services, there is no need to tender subsidiaries or privatize. It is possible to provide these services in a cheap and healthy way, with a publicist approach, without cutting off people’s electricity and natural gas.

Elected as National Alliance candidate, 11 CHP metropolitan mayors “preferred economy” They started applying the economic democracy model instead of the economic democracy model.

There is no obstacle to this model not being applied at the national level in the change of power.

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